View Full Version : Cool Unreal I levels for UT

2nd Sep 2001, 09:45 AM
Just thought i'd share some of these hidden treasures with you. They all work fine in UT, just don't pick up the single rifle shells (you'll lose all your weapons and ammo).

DM-Krandura : beautiful, part of the 6 pack mappak.
DM-coreattraction : just something I like about enclosed lo-grav arenas.
DM2001_V2 : if you still haven't seen this, start downloading.
DMArizaExtreme: really high flying jumppads
dmbreakfast: best of all the Giant-size levels, with working toaster.
DmdeCyberEscher: why am I just now finding this??!!
DM-Torture: lots of fun for sadists who like to kill Nali.
Dm!Menkara: the original Egyptian package (from fission map pack)
DMProng: just a fun arena
dmstreetz: two maps, easily the most detailed cityscapes ever. You can explore all the buildings. One has a satanic basement with a flying chainsaw that chases after you (and will kill you!)
dmterroristremix: a super sky-scraper sniper map.
Dmtitania224a : the original titan deathmatch
DM-Clusterf**k: just really cool.
DMEightball_Express: 19th century version of AS-HighSpeed.
DmFragville: just beautiful.
DmSkyRock: who'd of thought a floating island could be such fun?

There are many more great ones, so don't avoid them just 'cuz they were made for Unreal I.