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29th Aug 2001, 12:40 AM
Here is the synopsys of the league and the signup information

(2) 18 team Divisions will play 12 weeks for the regular season, after which the 8 top ranked teams from each division will play in a 5 week playoffs removing half it's competitors after each week. Rounds 1-3 of the playoffs will be best of 3 matches, Round 4 of the playoffs will be a best of 5 matches, and the championship match will be a best of 7 matches...

This League will be a point-based system...

A match is made up of 2 segments of 1 map being played twice on alternate colors, 10 round each map(not best of, 10 full rounds)...

Scoring is as follows:

Round win = 1 points
Round loss = 0 points
Map Win = 5 Points
Map Loss = 0 points
Map Tie = 2 points

So there is potential of 30 points each match to be won...

The Default day for the ICLR 2v2 League is Sunday, but other dates and times may be played if both parties agree upon it.

Division A will have a default start time from 7-9 PM EST
Division B will have a default start time from 10pm-12am EST

There will be a server available for every ILCR match at your default date and time, you do not have to play on this server or at this time, but arrangements are up to you and the opposing team if agreed upon. There will be additional servers available each week at this time if you need to play earlier or later, on a first come first serve basis, so if you need to change your match do so as soon as possible. Since there is a default place and time each week where you can be guaranteed to play there is no excuse not to report at the default date and time.

If you want to join please e-mail me at Anrky@savagekillers.com or ICQ me at: 1949945

please include this info:

Team Name:

Player 1 Name:

Player 2 Name:

Contact info (1 e-mail and ICQ per Team Please):

Division availability (state your preference first and if your available for the other, second):

Only 36 teams will be accepted so do not delay on signing up!

3rd Sep 2001, 08:18 PM
Over half the League is filled now...


5th Sep 2001, 11:29 PM
There are still spots left in both divisions...

12th Sep 2001, 09:28 PM
There is 6 spaces left... join up now or be left out!