View Full Version : One thing that needs to happen!

28th Aug 2001, 02:07 PM
Picture a stage with a white podium in the center, with two micro-phones coming out the top pointing slightly inward and to the back.

A huge audience maybe 200-300,000 people all in various shades of camoflage fills the open arena.

The hot stage lights illuminate Buddy Pickle, squinting from the stacatto flashes of cameras both near and far , the sequined camo tuxedo sparkles in return as he approaches the podium with funkstylz and says " The award for the Best modification to a first person combat simulation is" he pauses and turns to funkstylz who is holding the envelope wearing only a raekwon t-shirt, flip-flops and a smile.

Funkstylz opens the envelope and shows the contents to BP, a hush falls over the multitude, the two exchange a knowing look and simultaneously say "Infiltration 2.86!!"

The crowd erupts as Warren and the team approach the stage.