View Full Version : PDX be needin' peeps

28th Aug 2001, 12:10 PM
hey hey hey...if u live around the portland metropolitan area and (obviously) play infiltration...PDX wants U! i'm not the official recruiter...but i thought i would drop by and let y'all know that our local clan could use some more people to represent us online...not that we don't have enuf representation as it is...what with me online all the time, and then there's Nickoloff, PhyreDance, Chief Xhabbos, Bretai, Ebonite, Jarhead, DJ Darth Fader, and Steven_Garcia. we have peeps alright, but anyone else local to Portland (or the surrounding area) would be, i'm sure, more than welcome by my fellow clansmen...well, now that i've said my piece, i'll be off...keep it real...


-The laggin' machine, who strikes unseen...