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21st Aug 2001, 03:59 PM
I'm currently experimenting with the RenderOverlays function of weapons to allow other inventory items or maybe hud mutators to add some effects.
Now the new UDamage doesn't change the weapon's texture but draws that glow around the weapon.
Everything is fine until I get double enforcers. The right one does get the cool glow, but the left doesn't.
That's the code of the basic weapon class I use:
simulated function RenderOverlays(canvas Canvas)
local Mutator M;
local PickupPlus A;
local bool bOverride;

for (A = PickupPlus(Affector); !bOverride && A != None; A = PickupPlus(A.NextAffector))
if ( A.bRenderOverlays ) {
bOverride = A.PreRenderOverlaysFor(Self, Canvas) || bOverride;

if ( !bOverride ) {

for (A = PickupPlus(Affector); A != None; A = PickupPlus(A.NextAffector))
if ( A.bRenderOverlays ) {
A.PostRenderOverlaysFor(Self, Canvas);
if ( SlaveWeapon != None )

The UDamage (one of the affectors) gets a PostRenderOverlaysFor() call with the weapon (Self) as a parameter.
Now if a second enforcer is picked up it *should* be registered as the SlaveWeapon but why isn't this working?

21st Aug 2001, 05:40 PM
:o Your second enforcer's renderoverlay is not called...
You need to call:

Oh just read a bit more ;)
So it seems that your slaveweapon registration code is buggy.

22nd Aug 2001, 01:24 PM
I renamed SlaveEnforcer to SlaveWeapon and moved it and bIsSlave to the super class (that's where this function resides).
Oh well, it's gonna be a long night...;)