View Full Version : wow, I'm impressed

Ren Höek
18th Aug 2001, 12:08 PM
damn, you actually have your own forum, that's great!!

but uhmmm, I'm afraid it won't get verry crowded here. no offence ofcourse, but I just think you'd have to release a lot of stuff before people will ask a lot of questions about it here.

about the spiral stairs ... maybe you can combine the extruder you created with the spiral staircase. you woud have to give in the coordinates of eacht point (only X & Y) with a maximum of 16 or so. this way you won't need the 2ds editor, and that's not so bad becouse its not so hard to figure out where the vertices should be.

bye bye (back to ued forum:D)

18th Aug 2001, 04:05 PM
yes, it's a quiet, relaxing spot. far from the crowds of OT...

as for the spiral with custom shape, for the next release of the Extruder I'll look into a modified BuildArc command with a z-axis increment to make a helicoidal path.

Ren Höek
18th Aug 2001, 04:29 PM
GREAT! I'll be looking forward to it ........as long as I got a slow pc on wich I can't run 3dsmax, the editor is all I have