View Full Version : Infiltration All-Stars: Europe vs North America

18th Aug 2001, 05:42 AM
After 3 Months of evaluation of over 70 players nominated by clan players due to their outstanding performance in clan wars, an All-Star match up has finally been assembled. This will mark the first ever-Continental match up. Europe’s finest will face North Americas best!

So without further a due, here are the names of players chosen to represent North America and Europe for the upcoming All Star clash.

Team N.A.
1. Flack –GAT *Capt.
2. Apoculas -GAT
3. Similac –PhD
4. Ark –PhD-
5. Daddybone -SOB
6. Blitz -M.Inc

1. GNAT –MUF *Capt.
2. Graphite – GHOST
3. Audie –RU486
4. Gomez –hsma
5. Johnnyblaze –X
6. Anrky –SK

Team Europe:
1. RiotChild –SMA *Capt.
2. KisenK-SMA
3. Coldsun –SMA
4. HarryC –SMA
5. X8667k- DIE
6. Equazor - DIE
7. Viperian - DIE
8. Tiran Kenja -Creepers

The Match date is set for the 25th of August 2001.

SOB GruntX has confirmed the match will be live broadcasted.

So make sure your there to cheer on your continent in whats to be a very exciting event.