View Full Version : {DA}NOT a clan

10th Aug 2001, 05:28 AM
{DA} is not a clan it is just a tag me and a m8 use we have been gaming together for many years ... way back in the days of playstation we was paying worms when most of you was sperms:p many late nights getting stoned and doing lap after lap on grand turismo ( arhhh great days) so we are used to accountablillity were as most it seems only meet online and dont have to worry about there mate taking the piss coz they camped the whole match in a corner so our gameplay is shapped by our competative freindship and alot of banta gose with that :D but its all just part of the fun so just to clear that up we aint a clan so you cant join it is just a tag we can use to find oneanother in our gamespy buddie list:D