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6th Aug 2001, 03:49 PM
When will there be a new WOD mod like that of Q2 days.

I would love to see the grappling hook
cataclysm grenade
freeze gun
Rail grenade

Wod has quite a following but no one seems to be
building the mod... and I am not a coder so it won't be comming
from me.

Does any one else want WOD???

6th Aug 2001, 09:59 PM
I've heard such good things about that mod... anyone have a link to their page? or is it now defunct & gone?

6th Aug 2001, 11:13 PM
What is this "WOD Mod" you speak of? And where be there no cure!? Dah!

7th Aug 2001, 07:05 AM
WOD aka Weapons of Destruction was a modification on the Quake 2 game.

It had a semi realistic Grappling hook
Dozens of new and innovative weapons
There are still clans stuck in the days of Q2
because there is no followup equivelant to WOD
In q3 or UT.

Can you feel their pain playing that antique just
because the coders at the original WOD could not be bothered
to continue the legacy.

as for a link go to planet quake and follow mod links to
weapons of destruction... best I could tell you... I downloaded it like two years ago...

7th Aug 2001, 07:17 AM

Freeze guns push rays, tractor beams, grappling hook, flame throwers, cataclysm grenades, laser trip mines, napalm grenades,
bazooka, homming rockets, mini machine rockets, cluster bombs, all the original weapons and way way more. All of the weapons configurable but initial load was tastefully done so as to allow for fair combat.

all in all once i played it I never went back... But the lure of Q3 and UT engines made me finally retire the mod. I think that the new engines would benifit from the innovations of WOD.

the teleporter is fun but me want grappling hook.

7th Aug 2001, 05:25 PM
Here, I'll let you test out mine. The summon command is "summon grapplinghook.grapplinghook". Fire shoots the hook out, secondary detatches it, and duck lengthens it (sorta). Play with it an' tell me what ya think.

7th Aug 2001, 05:25 PM
I hate it when I do that.

Da hook:

8th Aug 2001, 08:46 AM
I will try it but the rest of my post still stands

i feel the need the need for napalm!!!

WOD Forever

8th Aug 2001, 03:21 PM
My weapons pack, Pain, has a flamethrower, which has a napalm grenade. The next version, 1.5, will have a better flamethrower, though.

Oh yeah, and that hook is going in the next version of Pain, too.

8th Aug 2001, 11:50 PM
where do i put the file

i put it in ut system folder

tried to summon but no workie

do i have to be running a specific mod or does the file need to move

smoke39 hellllp

9th Aug 2001, 12:41 AM
Yes, you put it in system. No, you don't need to be running a certain mod. Are you sure you're summoning it right?

9th Aug 2001, 11:24 AM
went to the console

and copied your command after typing it several times...

maybe i am not admin at the time but it was single player mode i was trying.

9th Aug 2001, 03:06 PM
Just to make sure, you were typing summon grapplinghook.grapplinghook, right? I don't know why you wouldn't be able to summon it.

9th Aug 2001, 03:41 PM
how will it appear?

will it appear as a weapon laying on the floor

and will using my mousewheel cycle through it like a weapon or teleporter