View Full Version : Customizable class mutator

6th Aug 2001, 01:55 PM
Since Kangus created WORM, I rarely play ut with tjust the standard weapons. I just had a thought that might be a bit interesting and that is a customizable class mod. Using weapon replacement from WORM and player configurable weapon lists that allows a server admin to (or player in a bot match) to decide which weapons each class gets (oh.., say five weapons per class) when a match began the players could simply choose from a simple menu what class they wanted to be, and *poof* they would be in the game starting with weapons that are assigned to that class. Also it would be neat if you could, "make" your own classes by giving each class a their own name. ie: class1=sniper, class2=scout, class3=Magical Flying Rocket Man et.. So for my class3 example give the War MAC, u4et rambo knife, and finally the Strangelove Redeemer (hence the class name magical flying rocket man). And then maybe include a list as to which bots should be which class so that the bots have some differences. In that manner you could have for all practical purposes a fully customizable class mutator. This might be an interesting way of forcing teamwork (example scenario: CTF, sniper provides overwatch protection as assaulting force attacks base, once enemies subdued flag captured given to rocket man who happily takes off and flies home to score point)