View Full Version : Where are they getting these skins???

22nd Jan 2000, 12:35 PM
I am playing unreal on WON and have quite the controversial reputation already. I pissed of an entire clan who mostly plays in UT. They are one of the most established I think...well they have been trying to frustrate me. Firstly they used my name ingame and were able to have another one of their people have the same exact name in game while I couldn't even use my own name......how?? Last night they had one of them floating around as an eye and the other as a Boogadgee (those 4 armed passive creatures)...anyone know how they did this? Alot of people left because of the eye...I just kept playing and killed it as much as I could. If anyone can help me find out exactly who these people are and how they are doing these things I would appreciate it. I have been playing unreal for only about a month and a half and already got many flames from many of the so called vets.

22nd Jan 2000, 11:34 PM
Contact GT Interactive and ask how the names work while in MP and how the charecters work!