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31st Jul 2001, 08:08 PM
I assume that most of you have heard about this, but if not, here it is directly from the horses mouth: StrikeForceCenter (http://www.strikeforcecenter.com)
I've been doing some thinking this weekend and I plan to let everyone that got a site subsciption test all of our unofficial builds with us. Basically this means all of you will get an email with a link to download every new internal release we come out with. This will allow you guys to test each version and see what we are working on as well as help us find bugs and tweak every version. This also allows us to get more invovled with the community to make SF better for you guys. So everyone that supported us by getting a site subsciption will get to test each and every internal build. Then when we finally release the official new beta you will know what all we went through to get to that point. Just another thing our team is doing with the community to bring us all closer together. Everyone should get your first email this week and if you have not signed up for a site subsciption do so right now!

This also helps us combat internal leaks. By us doing this we really don't have to worry about the code getting out. We will already be sharing it with all of you that got a subscription. So many developers today try not to let code get out but it is impossible. So instead of us having to worry about it we will take this step and we think it will only make our releases better.
What do you guys think about that? It sure adds incentive to buy a subscription, but I think the idea of the subscription to a website is a little shady. :rolleyes:

31st Jul 2001, 08:15 PM
i've got more than enough stuff to do... and the idea of cluttering my HD and UT folder with even more clutter:D, is not that attractive. same reason why i would never want to beta test INF. then it isnt play it's work. what else do you get with this subscription, and how much does it cost? also, someone is going to email this link to all their friends, and so on... there won't be any leaks cause it'll basically be public domain:).

31st Jul 2001, 08:20 PM
The subscription to the site is $15, but the SF 1.60 CD is "free":rolleyes: . With the site subscription, you get "inside news" on what the team is working on, and the link to all of the releases a day before everyone else. And I guess there are some cool things on the CD that they didn't release, like in development pics of weapons and stuff. However, SF doesn't get any of the money, because, well, that would be illegal. Instead MGON gets it.

31st Jul 2001, 08:21 PM
I would NEVER give money to Opti! F<b></b>uck him in his ear, f<b></b>uck him to death! :mad:

31st Jul 2001, 08:23 PM
Hehe Balli, still a little bitter? You had reason to though...

31st Jul 2001, 08:29 PM
I paid for the 'subscription' and, aside from the CD(which was late, although 'we' got the llink to d/l SF 1.6 a day before everyone else), we haven't gotten anything else..this opportunity to 'test' new versions is the first thing that has been offered to the 'subscribers'. All in all, the whole subscription thing didn't come off as advertised.

31st Jul 2001, 08:36 PM
it's probably highly disorganized... if the INF team ever does anything like that, i hope they think it through a hell of a lot before starting it. mason, what kinda extra stuff did you get?

31st Jul 2001, 08:41 PM
Well, the disc itself contained the following:

SF v.1.6
18 User made maps
Guide for SF map design
Information on the SF 'characters'
SF wallpapers
Staff pictures(whoopte-frickin doo)
SF 'concept' art
Development screens
'Inside secrets'
SFC subscriber newsletter(still haven't seen one of these)

All in all, the CD is done pretty well..I have no problem with that, but the stuff we were supposed to get with the subscription..we haven't gotten as of yet. This 'beta' thing is the first I've heard, since the CD's release, of another 'perk' for having subscribed.

31st Jul 2001, 08:46 PM
Yes, with reason. Opti is a fascist f<b></b>uckface! Just cuz he "found" jesus, no other religion is meaningful to him. Talk about <i>your</i> religion, the whole topic is deleted. Say "Oh my god", the whole post is deleted. F<b></b>uck that bastard, boycott SF now! INF is where it's at anyways, I would gladly give the INF staff money...if I had any. :)

1st Aug 2001, 12:34 AM
Ballis: Dude, why am I censored and your not? It makes me sad. I want to cry.

1st Aug 2001, 12:34 AM
HEH i think thats funny, Bali was a SF lackey the same time I was, now we are both on the INF forums

1st Aug 2001, 12:37 AM
It's a great secret Densraw, it was passed on to me by a wise man. ;) Too bad I can't pm you and tell you.

1st Aug 2001, 12:39 AM
Originally posted by Snake13
HEH i think thats funny, Bali was a SF lackey the same time I was, now we are both on the INF forums

LOL, that's cuz 1.60 = ass! INF foreva..or until something better comes along. ;)

Dens, n00bs are censored, I can't help you. ;)

1st Aug 2001, 12:41 AM
Hey! I've been here a long time, but I just don't post a lot.

1st Aug 2001, 12:43 AM
It has nothing to do with how long you've been here, but rather witnessing something a while ago. :)

Either that or possessing some ruse against the boards.

1st Aug 2001, 12:44 AM
So it really is a secret!!! What did you witness?

1st Aug 2001, 12:51 AM
Maybe if you edited your profile so people can send you PMs you might just find out. :)

1st Aug 2001, 12:53 AM
Ok you can send PM's now.

1st Aug 2001, 01:28 AM
Holy POSTCOUNTS! <--- not censored. :D

1st Aug 2001, 04:19 AM
I once let the secret out, fortunately nobody caught on...i wont make that mistake again.

1st Aug 2001, 04:32 AM
// back on-topic (please?) ;)

I have to agree :
this 'site-subscription'-stuff sounds pretty 'shady'.
To me it looks more like they're trying to avoid the
'thou shalt not sell modifications for profit'-part of the license-agreement.

This 'beta' for subscribers looks like another thing to get ppl to buy the "subscription" to the site.

If they really wanted to do an 'open' beta, then they should do it like Unreal Fortress team.
They have one server open to the public with the (current?) beta for the next release ...

And paying for a beta is just stupid IMHO. You do this stuff for free or you get paid to do it (as a service for the developers).
Anything else is just abusing the fact that some ppl are too impatient to wait for a finished product.

1st Aug 2001, 07:23 AM
I don't want to bash Opti for his beliefs, but over on thier forum, there have been a few threads started be Opti himself, one had to do with asking for money to build a church(he made it a 'sticky' in the General SF area), the other was a thread letting people know where to contact him should they need 'help'..(also a sticky in the General SF area). I have also seen an entire thread that was intelligently speaking about religion deleted. It's unfortunate that he uses his 'forum power' to further his own personal agenda. As for the CD thing, if they got money for it, good. They work hard and deserve something..and if Infiltration or the 'new' TacOps tried the same thing, I would probably send some cash as well.

1st Aug 2001, 08:16 AM
religous people who always ask for money annoy the hell outta me... there are far to many where my parents live, who would never get welfare, or, god forbid, a job:rolleyes: , the just bum it off the people in the church.

1st Aug 2001, 03:04 PM

Damn, LOL

that wasn't hard to figure out.

... and I don't even know sh<b></b>it bout... wait... I won't tell... MUAHAHA.

Use the source Luke. ;)

post<b></b>count the postc<b></b>ounting postc<b></b>ounts :D

1st Aug 2001, 03:12 PM
Just put html tags inside the forbidden word you want to say. (ie if you want to say "fu<i></i>ck," write f(<)i(>)(<)/i(>)uck, without the parantheses.

1st Aug 2001, 03:18 PM
You spoiled the fun, now noone will even think about what I meant with "Use the source Luke."

Oh well :)

2nd Aug 2001, 07:00 AM