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29th Jul 2001, 05:36 PM
I am having problems connecting to servers using TO MapVote100.
I have tried the "Kill Your Co-Workers" server and others with the same problem.

Here is a description:

1. Choose server and double-click to connect
2. Download or load map.
3. Get screen that says "precaching".
4. Goes next to screen that says "connecting" and this screen stays for 20 secs. or longer.
5. next is it looks like it connected for less than a second and then I get "Connection failed" message. I hit 'ESC' and get the screen with the mapvote window. (Bind key window is already gone or did not load)

Looks as if the mapvote is not showing up as the first window and then times out.

I have deleted all cache files and downloaded again from the game server with no luck. I have deleted all versions of CSHP and auto-aim is turned off.

UT patch 436 with TO 2.0 mod installed. Previously using TO 1.6.

Any thoughts?


29th Jul 2001, 09:44 PM
Are you sure the server is not full at the times you tried ?

"Kill your coworker" is almost always full, I can't get in ususally.

What can happen is that while you are downloading the map
someone else jumps in ahead of you and fills the server.
That is what it sounds like.

29th Jul 2001, 10:20 PM
This is not the case.I can connect to any server not running TO Mapvote100. I have the problem with any server using TO Mapvote100.

30th Jul 2001, 04:58 AM
Yes, I have the exact same problem. Ever since camel toe has installed the Mapvote 100 I have been getting booted on connect. I even re-intalled my UT and my TO, yet nontheless, I still cannot enter the server. Any help would be greatly appreaciated.

30th Jul 2001, 05:15 AM
Just in case u need this.. here's what it said in my TO log:

Log: URL: Adding default option Name=(CB4)^BLaCkRaiN^
Log: URL: Adding default option Class=Botpack.TMale2
Log: URL: Adding default option Team=1
Log: URL: Adding default option skin=SoldierSkins.blkt
Log: URL: Adding default option Face=SoldierSkins.Othello
Log: URL: Adding default option OverrideClass=
Log: Browse:^BLaCkRaiN^?Class=Botpack.TMale2?Team=1?skin=SoldierSkins.blkt?Face=SoldierSkins .Othello?OverrideClass=
Init: WinSock: Socket queue 32768 / 32768
DevNet: Game client on port 0, rate 10000
DevNet: PendingLevel received: CHALLENGE VER=436 CHALLENGE=527848336 STATS=1
Log: D3D Driver: Preloaded 0K/19465K (1)
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=1E62A58411D56FDB5000E5ABE38260BF PKG=TO-Getaway FLAGS=1 SIZE=4719648 GEN=1 FNAME=TO-Getaway.unr
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=D18A7B9211D38F04100067B9F6F8975A PKG=Engine FLAGS=1 SIZE=1149858 GEN=17 FNAME=Engine.u
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=4770B88411D38E3E100067B9F6F8975A PKG=Core FLAGS=1 SIZE=59233 GEN=10 FNAME=Core.u
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=1E90ACBE11D1ED664544279700005453 PKG=Mine FLAGS=1 SIZE=6840408 GEN=1 FNAME=Mine.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=1E90ACA811D1ED664544279700005453 PKG=Detail FLAGS=1 SIZE=1729964 GEN=1 FNAME=Detail.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=4770B88811D38E3E100067B9F6F8975A PKG=Fire FLAGS=1 SIZE=15248 GEN=10 FNAME=Fire.u
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=44BA70904D2F1324A734B5B48CC6B9AD PKG=TAconeytex FLAGS=1 SIZE=2762604 GEN=1 FNAME=TAconeytex.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=52ACFF4011D4BA7B0000A2BFCC8F78E8 PKG=TO-ganja-free-1 FLAGS=1 SIZE=9163661 GEN=1 FNAME=TO-ganja-free-1.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=2FEBBBF84DCB78FA841F6D9D384C5BC4 PKG=TODatas FLAGS=3 SIZE=5575209 GEN=1 FNAME=TODatas.u
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=1C69657611D38F44100067B9F6F8975A PKG=Botpack FLAGS=1 SIZE=39016791 GEN=14 FNAME=Botpack.u
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=4770B88C11D38E3E100067B9F6F8975A PKG=UnrealShare FLAGS=1 SIZE=22124694 GEN=1 FNAME=UnrealShare.u
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=4770B88D11D38E3E100067B9F6F8975A PKG=UnrealI FLAGS=1 SIZE=18549361 GEN=1 FNAME=UnrealI.u
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=381560A111D3108B9000F1BD623F3D27 PKG=Slums FLAGS=1 SIZE=3770831 GEN=1 FNAME=Slums.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=032118C011D327DE9000F1BD623F3D27 PKG=UT FLAGS=1 SIZE=3970257 GEN=1 FNAME=UT.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=12AC7BA411D2DEE09000F1BD623F3D27 PKG=TrenchesFX FLAGS=1 SIZE=1110811 GEN=1 FNAME=TrenchesFX.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=2E3682A411D379A7E0006BA2D2321081 PKG=UTtech1 FLAGS=1 SIZE=11206345 GEN=1 FNAME=UTtech1.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=63DC28E211D48C1D45448C8900005453 PKG=Terrorist3tex FLAGS=1 SIZE=2490404 GEN=1 FNAME=Terrorist3tex.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=F62B08CA49E7B03BC5048388A3086B2D PKG=TAcars FLAGS=1 SIZE=342431 GEN=1 FNAME=TAcars.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=C6DBC0A011D4916245448C8900005453 PKG=richrig FLAGS=1 SIZE=2234223 GEN=1 FNAME=richrig.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=9AAC4D3C4FD053BD9D308F968A33851E PKG=s_swat FLAGS=1 SIZE=1924523 GEN=1 FNAME=s_swat.u
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=B14EA7094B0F2C2E7CC969A007048263 PKG=TOPModels FLAGS=3 SIZE=3315784 GEN=1 FNAME=TOPModels.u
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=971D88444F5CB38CE16C3D8580EC334E PKG=TOSystem FLAGS=1 SIZE=1377498 GEN=1 FNAME=TOSystem.u
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=242F2A2F4FB5F62E8130A4830C4CA80B PKG=TOModels FLAGS=3 SIZE=9986159 GEN=1 FNAME=TOModels.u
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=2451524111D2ED0E50004BB23FDC1804 PKG=LadderSounds FLAGS=1 SIZE=247341 GEN=1 FNAME=LadderSounds.uax
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=D7060FA442BB85A667CB36B1B4E30B68 PKG=ActorResetter FLAGS=1 SIZE=17205 GEN=1 FNAME=ActorResetter.u
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=66FC62C111D389A2E0006BA2D2321081 PKG=RainFX FLAGS=1 SIZE=4672509 GEN=1 FNAME=RainFX.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=C47BBD4011D38CFBC00084B50A1E604F PKG=DecayedS FLAGS=1 SIZE=11846698 GEN=1 FNAME=DecayedS.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=1E90ACAE11D1ED664544279700005453 PKG=genfluid FLAGS=1 SIZE=5510043 GEN=1 FNAME=genfluid.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=4CA6238E11D38AAAC00080B50A1E604F PKG=city FLAGS=1 SIZE=5839832 GEN=1 FNAME=city.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=43179991457618A8744238BE6666C94C PKG=RKLphoto1 FLAGS=1 SIZE=8944816 GEN=1 FNAME=RKLphoto1.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=738B05A111D2E308500071A971E61804 PKG=Indus5 FLAGS=1 SIZE=3210994 GEN=1 FNAME=Indus5.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=B871A1ED4CA12643CDF215A496A8CF66 PKG=TAconeysigns FLAGS=1 SIZE=451072 GEN=1 FNAME=TAconeysigns.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=F717F4C611D38B66C00081B50A1E604F PKG=XbpFX FLAGS=1 SIZE=2431423 GEN=1 FNAME=XbpFX.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=1E90ACCF11D1ED664544279700005453 PKG=XFX FLAGS=1 SIZE=198416 GEN=1 FNAME=XFX.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=1E90ACC111D1ED664544279700005453 PKG=Palettes FLAGS=1 SIZE=421024 GEN=1 FNAME=Palettes.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=1E90ACAF11D1ED664544279700005453 PKG=GenFX FLAGS=1 SIZE=2189510 GEN=1 FNAME=GenFX.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=A3B94EE411D1ED674544E58A00005453 PKG=AmbModern FLAGS=1 SIZE=6112404 GEN=1 FNAME=AmbModern.uax
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=CF31836547E0F893238F71848BCAD3F3 PKG=TO-Epic FLAGS=1 SIZE=2163828 GEN=1 FNAME=TO-Epic.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=CCD2D94111D2DAE29000F1BD583F3D27 PKG=Pan1 FLAGS=1 SIZE=2616147 GEN=1 FNAME=Pan1.uax
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=A30E18E011D2D8C6E000278383161081 PKG=AmbCity FLAGS=1 SIZE=643667 GEN=1 FNAME=AmbCity.uax
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=1E90ACB311D1ED664544279700005453 PKG=GreatFire FLAGS=1 SIZE=13215 GEN=1 FNAME=GreatFire.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=1E90ACC511D1ED664544279700005453 PKG=ShaneDay FLAGS=1 SIZE=388457 GEN=1 FNAME=ShaneDay.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=A3B94EE511D1ED674544E58A00005453 PKG=AmbOutside FLAGS=1 SIZE=5469933 GEN=1 FNAME=AmbOutside.uax
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=A93BFDA011D51D83100035A4E44904A7 PKG=TOsoundpack FLAGS=1 SIZE=6256800 GEN=1 FNAME=TOsoundpack.uax
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=A3B94EE311D1ED674544E58A00005453 PKG=AmbAncient FLAGS=1 SIZE=6773021 GEN=1 FNAME=AmbAncient.uax
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=C073770811D2D1A4E000278383161081 PKG=Run FLAGS=1 SIZE=1707015 GEN=1 FNAME=Run.umx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=93CC0A8111D3888FE0006295BE341081 PKG=SoldierSkins FLAGS=1 SIZE=7184269 GEN=1 FNAME=SoldierSkins.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=E96BC96311D31D2F4F006B8CDE9A0349 PKG=CommandoSkins FLAGS=1 SIZE=4318050 GEN=1 FNAME=CommandoSkins.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=B7B49CA611D38BCDE0006395BE341081 PKG=FCommandoSkins FLAGS=1 SIZE=5093279 GEN=1 FNAME=FCommandoSkins.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=D4F6ABE111D385CAE0006295BE341081 PKG=SGirlSkins FLAGS=1 SIZE=7226959 GEN=1 FNAME=SGirlSkins.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=24E5A72411D321104F006B8CDE9A0349 PKG=BossSkins FLAGS=1 SIZE=1867811 GEN=1 FNAME=BossSkins.utx
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=B279A4E645DBFF2DD5B4E08D4369A307 PKG=TODecos FLAGS=1 SIZE=1499565 GEN=1 FNAME=TODecos.u
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=6DB159444AD4FD96D71774A337CAD51D PKG=TOUT FLAGS=1 SIZE=94987 GEN=1 FNAME=TOUT.u
DevNet: PendingLevel received: USES GUID=0188A40011D57E3B50006580AA0E7EDA PKG=TOMapVote100 FLAGS=1 SIZE=287924 GEN=1 FNAME=TOMapVote100.u
DevNet: PendingLevel received: DLMGR CLASS=IpDrv.HTTPDownload PARAMS= COMPRESSION=1
DevNet: PendingLevel received: DLMGR CLASS=Engine.ChannelDownload PARAMS=Enabled COMPRESSION=0
DevNet: PendingLevel received: WELCOME LEVEL=TO-Getaway LONE=0
DevNet: Welcomed by server: LEVEL=TO-Getaway LONE=0
Log: LoadMap:^BLaCkRaiN^?Class=Botpack.TMale2?Team=1?skin=SoldierSkins.blkt?Face=SoldierSkins.O thello?OverrideClass=?Checksum=NoChecksum
DevAudio: Galaxy SetViewport: WindowsViewport0
NetComeGo: Close TcpipConnection1 07/30/01 01:52:38
ScriptWarning: TO_Console Transient.TO_Console0 (Function UWindow.WindowConsole.CloseUWindow:001A) Accessed None
ScriptWarning: TO_Console Transient.TO_Console0 (Function UWindow.WindowConsole.CloseUWindow:001A) Accessed None
ScriptWarning: TO_Console Transient.TO_Console0 (Function UWindow.WindowConsole.CloseUWindow:001A) Accessed None
Exit: WinSock shut down
Log: Collecting garbage
Log: Purging garbage
Log: Garbage: objects: 34311->31466; refs: 463584

30th Jul 2001, 09:42 AM
Ok, I'll look into it but I'm going to need some help since
I can not reproduce the problem.

Everyone who is having this problem please send me your
log file after the unsuccessfull connection. (BDB@planetunreal.com)

Questions :
1. What operating system you are using. (Win98,Linux,Mac) ?

2. Does this happen on all MapVote server ALL of the time
or just occationally ?

3. Try this: Start TO and Click "Multiplayer" - "Find Multiplayer Game"
Does the web page comes up in the News browser.

4. What kind of internet connection do you have (Cable,DSL, 56K modem) ?

5. Can you connect to a regular/plain UT MapVote server ?
Like a CTF server ?

6. Have you ever been able to connect to a TO MapVote server ?
If so try to remember if any thing has changed on your system.
Like installing some new software.

31st Jul 2001, 07:46 PM
Okay. It seems that Norton Antivirus was the problem.
NAV is basically a file filter that tries to keep programs from making changes to files on your system.
With some insight from BDB, we think that it is the updating of the TacticalOps.ini file that NAV does not like.
To work around this problem disable the "Auto-Protect" feature of your antivirus product and you should be fine.
With Norton AntiVirus just right-click on the NAV icon in the systray and click "Disable Auto-Protect".

Here is a screen shot of NAV with Auto-Protect disabled.
I got to this screen by clicking Start->Programs->Norton AntiVirus->Norton AntiVirus 2001.


Thanks to BDB for his help on getting a resolution to this!

31st Jul 2001, 08:07 PM
Thanks a ton, that will save me hours of investigation.

^BLaCkRaiN^ , are you using Antivirus ?

31st Jul 2001, 08:52 PM
Nice catch guys. I wasn't even thinking anti-virus.

1st Aug 2001, 11:58 PM
yes, I am using Norton Antivirus as well, same version, actually. I really don't want to disable my Auto-Protect tho, you think making the ini file "read-only" would also do the trick?

2nd Aug 2001, 08:15 PM
Don't know why there is problem with Norton AntiVirus.
I use McAfee and never had any problems.
I would consider it a bug in the AntiVirus software.
Do they have a forum/FAQ on their web site ?

2nd Aug 2001, 09:09 PM
Not all antivirus software is created equally. Some are less intrusive than others or just do the job a different way. I have seen other software that will not work with mcaffee but will work with norton.
Disabling auto-protect is probably the only way to get this to work. There is a lot of good software out there that cannot work with antivirus software. I consider it a workaround and not a real resolution to the problem. Sometimes a workaround is all you will get. Especially with antivirus software.

4th Aug 2001, 06:58 AM
is there any way u can patch this BDB?

4th Aug 2001, 11:44 PM
I'll try to look into it. Maybe I can contact someone at Semantics
and find out what exactly is conflicting.

Problem is that I do not have NAV and I'm not willing to buy it
just to solve this problems. So It might be difficult to fix
if I can't test it.

8th Nov 2001, 12:46 AM
hey BDB.. it's me again! :)

Every time I play TO.. I have to shut off Norton.. and it's really kinda startin to get annoying.. have u found a solution to this problem yet?