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16th Jul 2001, 11:06 PM
Postal's Coding Diary v2

11:00 Pm
So not tired, I cant sleep, perhaps I should do something usefull. I think I will, I will start that Windex.u that I promised Kangus. See long ago(1998) there was this coder named Windex who ran the Weapons of Destruction side( www.PlanetUnreal.com/WoD), and he released some weapons for unreal. I have contacted him, and asked hm if I can port his weapons, he said yes, so Im starting now.

I found the mininuke and the highvoltage guns on my harddrive, since their decompiled, I will start with them. New folder Windex. I am trying to take the old weapons of his, and put them in a new package. I have looked over the code, and I do not need to edit the projectiles at all. So I place them in the classes dir, and add Windex to the EditPackages list, and compile. No probs there. Now for the weapons, both are subclasses of Unreal weapons. Thats a problem, since UT hates the Unreal weapons. So I delete my windex.u and look into my archive of code. There the stinger and the asmd, copy and paste into the Windex/Classes dir. I now just rename them, and change the code likewise, pulling code from the origional weaps, and sticking them in my new versons of the. Save and compile.

12:00 Pm
Score! Just tested them, and their still as fun as ever. I have also started the readme, but I need to sleep.

8:07 Am
Just started this log. I took and copied and pasted from the old readmes, into my new readme, and edited, so its done untill I add more weapons. I think I need to add a mutator, but not right now.

9:00 Am
Note to self: Still have DexFT, DexSG, fryingpan, spazsg to go. Unfortunaly I dont have the code for the Shotgun, and the DexFT, frying pan, and spaz will not be ported due to model issues.

10:26 Am
Nice long walk and shower. Since Im at a wall with Windex.u Im going to start Zarniwoop.u.

Ok started porting detgun and dcannon. Magnetgun, and energydrainer both have custom sounds I dont have, too bad.

Well Detgun and DCannon are ready to compile, and its readme is done. Now let see if I overlook anything in the compile.

10:50 Am
Arg I am mission one of the DeathCannons sounds! Well I see to exec for this sound, so I will have to go without it. And as soon as this compile is done, I am going to make a mutator for Windex.u and for Zarniwoop.u

AHH! Another missing sound. I am thinking that its just hows the sounds are set up. I think Unreal prepatch read sounds differently, and thats the prob. Well I will go over the code latter, I am going to eat breakfast now. Wait no, Ued is open, might as well make my Windex.u mute.

RRR, Ued crashed, today is just not my day.

2:44 Pm
Back to work, editing and recompiling the Zarniwoop package.

Finally got it compiled, now for the mutes. Lets see:
Shock Rifle-HighVoltage



That sounds good to me. Ok done, now to test.

9:16 Pm
Soo bored. The stuff is working, but I dont think Zarniwoop.u will be released. The DeathCannon is missing sounds, and the model doesnt show up well, and the DetGun zoom lags the game badly(40 fps to 2)

Just been looking thru my archive, I seen nothing worthwhile that I can port, and all the things I can port, are junk. Perhaps I should make a SnipeOut spoof. Perhaps a flashbang would be good, I have most of the needed code, and I could make it effect bots. Hmm...
Ok I will do it. Now do I make it seperate, or part of WAR? I will put it in the WarGames.u so It will be seperate.

Ok my blinder is done, with new code to effect bots.

Ok I have the blinder and the projectile done, since its now 10:04, Im am going to test it, then hit the sack.

10:11 Pm
It works, it explodes too soon, but otherwise its fine. Imight have to tweek its flight thought

10:30 Am
I have made the disision to abort Zarniwoop.u. I dont have the sounds to fully port his weapons and I dont feel like reinstalling unreal just for that. Now to work on the flashbang. Ah foudd the prob, right after my SetTimer(1, False); there was a SetTimer(0.25, False); Now save and test.

Tips for bug fixing. First check if the thing will crash ut. Then see if you can use it. Then see if it works correctly. Then see if it makes any scriptwarning. Then tweek it. Never put off bug fixing.

11:07 Am
Im sick, and sleep deprived, and bored out of my mind. Perfect condition to code it. But what do i work on? I dnt feel like messing with the flash bang. Hmm the WAr mod has a lavabomb, a relly cool, flaming ball of fire that bounces around untill it explodes. I want to make a rocket verson of it. and sory for the bad spelling and gramer, as I said, im not feelling good. Now firstly, and most importnat, I want a cool name. LavaRocket no, FireRocket no, FireBall no, FlameRocket no, Incendary Rocket no, hmmm. Lava Rocket no, Firebomb nah. Ugh I hate thinking up names. Im looking at the lavabomb code, it shouldbe be to hard to make when i start it. I will use the ut rocket as a base. but I need a name. MediorStrike no but nice. It will sortr of look like a medeor arg, I want to speel that right. Medior no, Medear no, Medeor no, Medear no. Perhaps FallenStarRocket or FallingStarRocket. Both those are nice, but I think I like medeore better. AstroidFallRocket. So far I like FallenStarRocket the best. But perhaps I should drop the Rocket part FallenStar, FallingStar, StarFallRocket. I think I will use StarFallRocket untill I can think of something better, or spell meteor corectly.
I like to listen to UT music when I code. Todays choice is Nether, I dont think I have heard it befor. I am going to code the StarFallRocket in a tempeory .u file named temp.u so I dont have to delete it from WAR.u latter if I fail. Paste the Rocket code into my new class, then the Lavabomb code(Thanks again Bizarro) and mearge the 2.

Ok done, now to test it.

Back, turned out quite nicly, couple bugs(uses rocket explosion for insted of lavabombs, and doesnt spurt out enought flaming smoke, but its still quite nice. Im going to tweek it now. Ok now to test again.