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11th Jan 2000, 09:41 PM
There are rumours going around that Epic will *not* be releasing a follow-up patch to the 225f. This basically means that D3D compatibility remains broken (amongst several other issues). Though this does not affect me, there is a vaguely serious attempt to find out whether these rumours are true, and to try and get a new patch released.

I personally think it is unfair to leave Unreal technically unfinished like this, as it prevents (or spoils) a lot of people's playing experience. The Unreal community, such as is left, has been very patient over the last 5 months or so, though many were not before that, waiting for the next patch. It now *seems* as though Epic are leaving us high-and-dry, even after their promises.

I now play UT, but still put *a lot* of hours into Unreal. If you are reading this and care even the slightest little bit, then i urge you to go here...

GT-Forums (http://forums.gtgames.com/Forum2/HTML/000423.html)

...and place a quick comment. It shouldn't take too much time to do. Thanks.