View Full Version : EDGE #99 UK ed July 2001

8th Jul 2001, 12:48 PM
Haven't seen this mentioned anywhere else but there is an interview with Lengend and some new screens in this issue.

SP: You will apparently not be alone and you will be able to command your fellow soldiers around (squad based assault play), 13 missions.

MP: More complex inventory, turrets, forcefields, sensors, scout robots and some mumbo-jumbo about "returning a precious item" which I didn't understand ;).

Shots: Some tatooed skaarj, a group of soldiers or mercs in armour, in one shot there is something that looks like UTs rockets and another with some kind of energy weapon.

Weapons: Biolgical, electric, psychic (!), thermal and physical damage. Different types of ammo for the grenadelauncher. Takkra gun, (drones), Leech gun also mentioned.

While it's not clear if all mentioned features will be included it's worth a look.