View Full Version : When will Unreal 1 get a Non-Beta Patch?

10th Jan 2000, 10:23 PM
I'm just wondering, when will we get "THE OFFICIAL PATCH" to Unreal 1. The only official version we have is the one off the CD. All the patches are designated "Public Beta". I know Unreal patch 225f was supposed to be the "last", but I would like to have an "Official" patch, not a "public beta".

11th Jan 2000, 01:43 PM

Well, the LAST patch that Epic are going to do is 227. This will be the FINAL patch that will improve D3D rendering a bit further and will fix the A3D support that was broken in 224v/225f.

I don't know what they'll designate it, but it is really the LAST patch they are going to do. Tim Sweeney is rumoured to be working on it at the moment.

Here's hoping...

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