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7th Jul 2001, 01:05 AM
Doom 3 is a long ways off from being released, unreal 2 will be released way ahead of doom 3 from what I have heard. but I couldnt resist posting this anyways. Which game do you think will have the best single player experience? Me I think doom 3, I was tempted to ask which one will have the best graphics, but I already know the answer, and if you havent seen doom 3 yet, then just go see final fantasy the movie, thats the graphics in doom 3. ;)

7th Jul 2001, 04:46 AM
It'd also possibly require the kind of graphics workstations that were used to make the FF movie to run in real-time.
U2 is already playable on most of the current systems ( atleast those which have a T&L card) if the projected sys specs are right.
Eye candy is always good but in gameplay its the framerates that rule, baby.

7th Jul 2001, 02:22 PM
Hmm... total shot in the dark about this one for me.
I was overly impressed with unreal , starting vortex rikers, and the sequence in the Rjagir mine with the big Skaarj was immensely impressive.
Maps were incredible till I got to the point I completely lost interest, because it was like this: beautiful scenery, fight badass, walk on, beatiful scenery, another badass.
This happene in that big tower in the lavapit( cant remember the map) I never played unreal to the end.
I did doom and doomII.
If doomIII even holds a fraction of the old magic, it will be a hit , at least for the old doom vets.(or maybe not)
Having said that, I can not imagine a doomIII.
I can imagine U2 however, and I think it will be the most invigorating FPS to date when it comes out.

7th Jul 2001, 03:05 PM
Of course none of them will survive the onslaught of half-life 2 when that is released next year, or is it 2003? I dont remember.

7th Jul 2001, 04:12 PM
I don't care, I'm gettin my 1.33 GHz Athlon and Geforce 3 next week, so BRING 'em on!!!

7th Jul 2001, 06:34 PM
Damn it people, :( it's not because a game has superb graphics, that it's a superb game.. right?
I mean, what if unreal2 and doom3 have a weak sp game? THink of it. It COULD be possible. Why not? Just because there's a new engine, or an improved engine, and the graphics are really neet and cool ...
Wait til you have played a demo at least of the games, and who knows about hl2, just because the original one was a smash hit, .. well what if the hl2 sucks? Could be possible.
Let's hope these 3 games will be a succes however, in the GAMEPLAY department.
That's so damn important.

8th Jul 2001, 06:08 AM
why try to balance one game over another, people put a lot of work in it, it is totally new, something you'v never saw before and still you'r trying to put it against another game.
it can only be balanced when its releases. period

Coffe fan
8th Jul 2001, 03:41 PM
We donīt even know exactly how each game will look. Doom 3 and U2 could be in different ways, different lookings and maybe different focuses. Doom 3 dark shoots showed some aliens, soldiers, dindīt see much difference comparing to older dooms. U2 currently is looking more like UT than U1.

9th Jul 2001, 11:21 AM
Originally posted by WebSlinger
I don't care, I'm gettin my 1.33 GHz Athlon and Geforce 3 next week, so BRING 'em on!!!

err make that a GF2Ultra, so I can say: "Roger that!"

Next week! yay! (after 4 weeks delay because off my boss :()

11th Jul 2001, 04:25 PM
I think both of them will be fun.
q2 was better then Unreal!
UT was better then q3!
1-1 between ID and Epic.
I go for U2, because of the big enviroments.Doom 3 with the dark and tight corridors will probebly also be one of the greatest.
Maybe Half-Life 2 will blow U2 and Doom3 away like Halflife did to q2 and Unreal, but I donīt think so.
Aliens VS Predator 2 will probebly also be fun.

12th Jul 2001, 04:51 AM
Let's just hope they don't come in rapid succession since that will make a dent in the sales of each game, not to mention leaving us fans cash-strapped ;)
I'd like all these games to be great and successful coz that's what'll ensure the next stream of great games.

13th Jul 2001, 06:37 PM
I forgot the westwood-game, C&C:Renegade.
It looks good foe us gamers for the future, but not for our life.
I will be broke after this.

16th Jul 2001, 07:05 PM
These games are too hard to compare. Probably the main reason for that is that Id hasn't made a singleplayer game since Quake 2. Shooters have changed a LOT since then. 1998 was kind of a revolutionary year. We haven't seen how good Id can do on a "new millenium" single player experience. I think they could really surprise us.

16th Jul 2001, 07:24 PM
That's a good question, actually.

Neither Doom nor Unreal 1 had engaging storylines and were both really breakthroughs in engine development more than storyline or gameplay.

Doom was the first FPS I ever played. It did have a certain immersiveness to it -- Half Life is really the only game that came close to how frightened Doom could make me when I played it. But then, understandibly, it had one of the most simple gameplay schemes around. Kill a few enemies, get a few keys, kill the main boss, yada yada. That's one of the things that worried me when id announced they were making a Doom 3 -- whether or not it would live up to the "Doom" name because of the nature of the gameplay for the previous two Dooms, which was fine for it's time, but I doubt it could really compete with singleplayer games with better immersitivity and gameplay.

Although I'm not as anxious about Unreal 2 being good as I am about D3, U1 isn't proof enough that U2 will be an innovative and immersive singleplayer experience. U1 was a breakthrough, like Doom was, graphically more than any other way. It had some decent singleplayer elements.. but the lack of monsters to tide me over until I figured out where I was going made it a bit boring. After playing online UT for a while, the monsters in U1, while probably more advanced than any AI before it, were pushovers compared to humans.

Anyway, I guess I'm undecided as of yet; I'm probably biased to Unreal 2 though, for obvious reasons. :D Only time will tell.

19th Jul 2001, 12:52 AM
Well just cause i have been playing Unreal, UT for about 3 years now im just a fan, nothing you can say will break it. I have heard that quake has better code for online play over UT, Doom a better single player story line than Unreal1, but i will still say u2 gets my dallor. It is mine impression that Unreal 1 was breaking ground for some nice features for large maps, some nice handling and more. Unreal Tournament was released to be the break threw Muiltiplayer game we had seen (and did). Now in Unreal 2 they wanna go back to the roots with the most compeling story you have ever seen for a FPS. Its all there in unreal 1 if you ask me you just had to acually read it and get involed. If they picked that one part up right there and make the storyline in your face were you cant miss it, the games a nother hit. Not to mention the graphics are ganna 0wn ;)

19th Jul 2001, 06:41 PM
Iīm going to tell you why U2,Doom3 and HL2 are going to be the greatest of games.
Because ID, Epic and Sierra have done very very good games before.They have hardly ever done a bad game.
I go for them.

20th Jul 2001, 11:09 AM
The problem with a half-life 2 is that expectations will be way too high. I don't think any single game no matter how good will top the hype. Valve would actually do better to start off on a fresh venture and not carry the burden of a franchise. Look how much flak they're getting for TF2.
As for id and bad games I got one word for you - Q3A - totally unsatisfying.

20th Jul 2001, 07:02 PM
I must say that Q3 actully is a good game.
Not so good as UT, but it has good sides.The speed is the best of them.

24th Jul 2001, 10:16 PM
at this point U2 has both better graphics and is closer to completion. plus the legend level designers are totally awesome. but the final doom 3 graphics will be better... it irritates me though that people get so hung up on graphics. i mean. a lot of commodore 64 games are better than the games now, cause they cared more about gameplay.

all in all... i think doom 3 will survive on the success of doom and doom 2. just as quake 3 did with quake and quake 2. quake 3 was too simply made. nothing really impressive about it. even though it is fun to play at times.

unreal 2 was told to be one of the best games at e3 and it is not even finished yet. which gives us a hunch of what it will be in the end. :)

i havent really been too caught up in u2 development but i think cliffyb is working with legend on the indoor parts of the game. so we can expect something VERY impressive. the guy is a genious.

25th Jul 2001, 02:40 PM
Damn right whoracle.

Q3 fast? ..
Quake 1 is faster imho.

25th Jul 2001, 04:11 PM
Damn right!!!!Whopass!!!!!
Gameplay is the most important.
I must say that the Q3 maps are a joke.

25th Jul 2001, 04:13 PM
Oh sorry whOracle, i wrote your name wrong.
Please, forgive me!

26th Jul 2001, 09:39 PM
hehe np.

yeah the quake 3 levels really suck ass. Q3DM7 is an exeption of course. i must say that some of the texture work in Q3 was impressive though. but the maps really sucked.

Q3DM7 was cool but Olav Gjerdes Nali Temple for UT which was inspired by that map was a lot better.... Go Olav!! :)

27th Jul 2001, 01:14 PM
wh0racle what's the origin of your signature verses?

28th Jul 2001, 10:27 PM
Arent you going to buy both U2 and Doom?

Im going to assume 1 extra year, + having John Carmack programming, plus this is ID were talking about here.. everything that gets released from their office's blows competition the f*ck out the window.

Hell, Quake 3 was released in 1999 and it still has the best graphics engine to date. I remember Carmack saying "..what brilliant programmers can create today, mediocre programmers can copy tomorrow.." and its true.

I trust Epic and Legend to make U2 an incredible single and multiplayer game. At the same time, I think Doom will probobly be my favorite game ever. Their different though, Doom will be classic ID linear deathmatch, and U2 will be more Deus Ex style.

Two completely different games. I dont think you can even compare gameplay. Both will be good. As for graphics? Theres no doubt in my mind Carmack's new engine will put every other programmer to shame. We're talking Final Fantasy in real time! And it takes advantage of GeForce 3 features, the programmable vertex and pixel shaders! Booya mofo!

But Ill be playing UT and U2 for years to come.
You always have to look at the big three.
Carmack, Sweeny and Jones (Quake 3, Unreal Tournament, Halo).
I have high expectations for Doom, U2 and Halo.

29th Jul 2001, 07:28 AM
Personally, I think Halo looks ugly.

29th Jul 2001, 02:27 PM
Shaguar, you're missing something REALLY important here..
Q3 might have the best graphics engine.. but.. it has weak gameplay..

Ut's is way better.

Now, i'm not THAT sure about DOOM3. I know carmack is a golden boy when it comes to engines, graphics etc..
but .. I don't know.. maybe i'm wrong.. maybe q3 was a mistake..
Maybe doom3 will own?

But the first 2 doom games were and still are the best. No other ID game can surpass that style of gameplay.
It's unbelievable.

Btw i'm sick and tired of this ID is the best crap..:mad:

Reality check here: They're not. Used to be, yes.

But don't get me wrong, I really HOPE Doom3 will be a great game, especially when it comes to gameplay!
Damn it, you do understand what i'm getting at right?

Btw doom has changed, maybe you know thatn maybe you don't...
I still play doom, every week.. and I enjoy playing that game. WHy?
It's magic; that's why.. pure magic.

8th Aug 2001, 03:23 PM
Personally I belive that the next DooM will be the better game. Epic will probably annouce something else a few months before or right after DooM is released, just like they have since Quake 2. They always seem to create an engine that beats the hell out of the previous id engine but it just can't compare to the current id engine out.

What I am trying to say is, I think Unreal 2 will be a lot easier to compaire with say Tribes 2 or Quake3, and not DooM.

Oh and btw NeoNite it is id Software, not ID Software. :)

16th Aug 2001, 01:37 PM
Unreal 2 will own! according to ID, Doom3 will be optimized to run at 30fps with all settings on high with a Geforce3. THAT'S RIGHT 30fps with a frekkin GeForce3!!! Pretty high system req for that game id say. Anyway, gettin my new 1,4ghz Thunderbird with a Gefroce2 after the weekeend. WOHO!!!

16th Aug 2001, 01:52 PM
Originally posted by ravenus
wh0racle what's the origin of your signature verses?

It's the In Flames song Jotun. It's on the Whoracle album which is where I got my nickname :)

In Flames ROCKS

Bob Kovacs
20th Aug 2001, 09:55 PM
Doom 3 will have way better graphics. But the system you will need to run the game will be something better than even a P4 or Athlon 1.4. Unreal 2 is designed for todays machines . Doom 3 will be designed for future machines not even developed yet. I wouldn't even expect Doom 3 to be out until late 2003 or even 2004. As for Halflife 2. Forget it!!. Their will be NO Halflife 2!!. This is a false rumor. I have not heard of Halflife 2 even being considered.

25th Aug 2001, 10:16 PM
IMO they'll both rock. I'll get em both and pley em both to the end. I'll then decide which I wanna take long-term, I see it being U2 tho, as I like the community here :D You guys :rolleyes:

2nd Sep 2001, 03:14 PM
why are so many companies intent on making sequels? unless they absolutely know that it's not going to suck and screw the whole series over, why even bother? i personally think that doom 3 will suck horribly if it uses the flying-through-space-for-no-apparent-reason-then-crash-on-a-planet-and-inexplicitly-kill-everything, which it could very well do. i'm also not so sure quake 4 (yes, it has been announced...raven software is working on it) will do as good since it's revisiting the land of quake 2. i also think half-life 2 is just a blatant attempt to milk the hl franchise...


6th Sep 2001, 09:06 PM
:mad: You must be joking mediocre.. quake4? That's bull****, BIG BULL**** if you ask me.
Crap. A fourth game????? It'll be worthless...
Just look at "half life blue shift"..
Know what i'm trying to say here?

Unreal2 will be a good game.. i have a good feeling about it. :)
Doom3.. don't know.. have to see the demo first.

6th Sep 2001, 09:28 PM
well it'd be ok if each quake had a different story, like the final fantasy series. but nope. i guess you'll be in another space ship crash, even though you'd think that avoiding a large planet wouldn't be that hard.

not to mention the variety of guns conveniently floating around (like in quake 2). what's so frickin' hard about having realistic weapon placements? i think DX came closer to that than any other game, though i dont know why ammo crates would be in some of the places they were.

7th Sep 2001, 12:12 AM
Well c'mon, the floating guns stuff, that's ok? right? I mean, to hell with all the realism in games! I mean, it's a game you're playing right? It ought to be unreal :)
Maybe i'm more of the type who likes fantasy and unreal stuff in a game...
Half life is ok, yeah.. but I don't like cs for example... :hmm:

Crashed ship? Nah, that was quake2 only :)
What makes the quake series so boring, is the lack of creativity and originality imho...

You're a mariiiiiiine, saving eeeeeaaaarth.

In unreal, you're a criminal :D

17th Sep 2001, 02:44 PM
Doom 3 will not be able to live up to the hype and the brilliance of Doom 1 and 2. I played Doom as a 7-8 year old and it was very scary :D. But it is the best game i have played because of the amazing gameplay. I have completed all ever versions of doom made. I just hope it is as good in gameplay as the previous versions.

As for Unreal 2, I think that it will be amazing. It is going to be my pick of the bunch because it has good graphics and a good storyline to go with it. I don't think i will bother buying the other games as they won't rival U2 (maybe doom3 but there will be a yeah or so gap)

Exar Kun [Sith]
17th Sep 2001, 08:55 PM
Can't wait for U2 but I don't know about Doom3 I'm doing a wait and see. As for single player I don't know yet, if they take their time I think they will be good.

My money right now is on Jedi Knight 2, from what I've heard its going to be a good game. It seems that Q3A was lack luster on story but good with visual graphics, but the interesting thing is that some good games are being made on that engine like Elite Force (even though it's short) and the upcoming JK2.

Also I can't wait for Deus Ex 2 using the Unreal Warfare engine. The first was great, hope the second is just is good.

However, AvP2 will be out shortly and thats what I'm going to get to keep me occupied till these other games are out.

18th Sep 2001, 03:12 AM
I would say, Unreal 2! :) I really like that flame effect on U2's engine.

18th Sep 2001, 11:16 AM
anyway doom 3 is a long way off yet so i wouldn't worry about it :)

20th Sep 2001, 10:04 AM
Imagine a game that is made together by, John Carmark, Tim Sweeny, Mike Verdu, CliffyB and that guy who design Medal of Honor for PC.

It would totally blow off ALL competitions.

Actually can anyone tell me the preview website of Doom3? I wanna see the screenies for myself so that I can judge the graphics, the story and its gameplay. I have read EVERYTHING about Unreal 2 and I even know what is the so-called 'SpaceGoat' If you wanna know PM me. :)

22nd Sep 2001, 07:55 PM
I haven't really been that excited about DoomIII I haven't even looked at it. Maybe it's because when I first played doom I had already played Decent (which I still play frequently but haven't beaten :\ ) maybe it was because I was a litle kid and I saw it pointless and overyly gory. Point me to pics or a movie so I can judge it's graphics. I thought it was using the old q3 engine.

DoomIII and Unreal2 while the gameplay might be different are still competitors in the FPS market. I think that unreal2 will have better gameplay based on UT vs Q3A. Also the peoople making U2 are getting better and better at this.

This probably doesn't matter. It's doom and almost everyone loved doom. This alone could kill Unreal2. Here's an example. This return to castle wolfenstine test got 2nd on the gamespy stats going over UT why???? IT"S WOLFENSTINE! It'll be the same thing with DoomIII

23rd Sep 2001, 01:15 AM
I never like Wolfenstein. It looks so dumb stupid compared to other games in that time.

23rd Sep 2001, 03:34 AM
set phasers on WHACKO:p :rolleyes: :p

23rd Sep 2001, 08:52 AM
I played Wolfenstien 3D on a friends PC. It was good but not as good as Doom or any of the recent games. One good thing is that you get to go around killing Germans :D

23rd Sep 2001, 11:09 AM
Master_Blaster[MASTER I played Wolfenstien 3D on a friends PC. It was good but not as good as Doom or any of the recent games. One good thing is that you get to go around killing Germans

I admire your sensitivities MB. Perhaps we could work out an idea about WTC Bomberman to sell to the Middle East countries.

23rd Sep 2001, 02:05 PM
Good idear :D

I think we would sell more copies if we made a "blow the ****e out of Bin Laden" game ;)

23rd Sep 2001, 02:26 PM
Master_Blaster[MASTER i think your previous two comments were pretty insensitive :mad:

:hmm: maybe not the second ;)

well doom was voted the best game of the last century at gamespy. HL came second. unreal wasnt even mentioned. in fact the only guy who said that one of his all time 10 games was unreal was greenmarine - and he is a little biased :p .

doom3 is going to be pretty hard a name to stnd up to.

but my vote goes for Unreal2 :D

23rd Sep 2001, 05:21 PM
Heh I took the a doom test last year, achieved the highest score :) hehehe! :D
21/21 :)

Doom rules. So does Ut. Both great games.

btw Masterblaster: shut up.

24th Sep 2001, 12:03 PM
I am sorry if i caused offence to any of you, i didn't mean it.

24th Sep 2001, 12:05 PM
any1 else noticed that unreal2.com has been down for two days?
perhaps they are updating site with something so great, they have problems uploading it ;)

24th Sep 2001, 12:24 PM
I don't mean to start a fight .. :-I why would I ..
but it's just. that.. I don't think you realise what you're saying that's all.

24th Sep 2001, 04:31 PM

Master_Blaster[MASTER its ok.

25th Sep 2001, 12:22 AM
Originally posted by Wh0racle

In Flames ROCKS

ROGER that!


25th Sep 2001, 12:35 AM
Oh yeah, I'd probably pick U2 for the winner of the next battle of "epic" proportions (get it? huh huh...:rolleyes:). This is looking exactly like the "Which is better, Q3 or UT" battle that happened when they were released. And we all know who won that one. ;)

25th Sep 2001, 12:16 PM
Originally posted by MediocreTangerine
i'm also not so sure quake 4 (yes, it has been announced...raven software is working on it) will do as good since it's revisiting the land of quake 2.


RavenSoftware r0x0r.
I've always been a fan of thiers. Love thier site, too!
If they had stock, I'd buy some.

"CVG has learnt that Raven Software, the developer of the ultra-violent first-person shooter Soldier of Fortune and Star Trek Voyager blaster Elite Force, has been working on Quake 4 for some time. As we reported on July 10, the development of the game was out-sourced by id Software for as yet unspecified reasons, but insiders are now pointing to the fact that the legendary developer simply wanted to focus attention on the astonishingly good-looking DOOM 3."

BOTH Games IMO will do excellent.

25th Sep 2001, 05:47 PM
Yeah I've read about Quake4.. back to stroggos I guess..
Thing is, here's what Imho is wrong with the quake games :(

Everything is so.. quake games feature "dead", empty worlds.. just look at quake and quake2.. let's not forget about Q3.. :hmm:

Here's where Unreal comes in: No matter what some people say, Unreal lives, it has atmosphere.. something I can't explain about this game.. magic I guess :D

I don't know.. somehow .. I got this bad feeling about a fourth quake game.. back to stroggos? ANother "dead" universe.. :(

DAMN ID!!!! WHen the hell will they start over again? A new game, something fresh.. .. :hmm:

25th Sep 2001, 07:13 PM
terrain maps that live and breath to stael NeoNites words are what I prefer. not fighting in some hellish place. well thats eveybodies pre. but its gotta be said RavenSoft and top class :D.
alice in whoreland ;) was kewl :p


26th Sep 2001, 09:20 AM
I loved the Doom and Gloom of...well...Doom! I loved Quake 1's baddies. The Shambler. That other creature with the claws?? AWESOME.
Quake 2, although the SP was just ok, the enemies sucked. I didn't like that at all.

26th Sep 2001, 11:19 AM
I really cant imagine that doom3 or quake4 will get a Story wich has those epic extend comparable to the Unreal2 story, even if raven does the job in case of quake4.(can the style of the series be changed with the fourth part?)

I didnt see any outside-levels build with the doom3-engine so i really don't compare a grafics-engine creating dark dungeons with a grafics-engine creating a whole planet.

26th Sep 2001, 12:46 PM
Well.. I sure hope there will be some outdoor action in doom3!!!!
Damn, I don't need constant dark corridor fighting.. nah they wouldn't do that.. right? right? :(
Same for q4..sigh.. I don't know. the quake series.. something is missing..

something u-n-r-e-a-l ;)

PEREGRINE! Is that laetitia casta? :D

26th Sep 2001, 01:04 PM
/me wishes he understood NN's last post?!?!?!?!

26th Sep 2001, 01:16 PM
Nobody understands me :( :( :(


THe avatar of course :D

26th Sep 2001, 03:24 PM
hmmm. doesnt look like her.

i knew this thread would go to three pages :mad:

j/k :D

26th Sep 2001, 04:08 PM
Originally posted by NeoNite
Nobody understands me :( :( :(


THe avatar of course :D

I never heard of Latitiea Casta, or whatever. Didn't even know that was a person's name, NN!!
No, that's a Victoria's Secret model.

26th Sep 2001, 04:09 PM
Originally posted by Machismo
hmmm. doesnt look like her.

i knew this thread would go to three pages :mad:

j/k :D

You have something against 3 page threads?

26th Sep 2001, 05:30 PM
But Laetitia Casta did pose for Victoria's secret catalogue.. you know?
(nice pics btw :D)

26th Sep 2001, 09:52 PM
i like UT so, therefore, I like U2. End of story.

30th Sep 2001, 01:58 PM
I judge every game on it's merits when I play the demo. I found out recently there are a couple of games I was looking forward to that I probably won't bother with.

Having said that, of the two series in question, I immensely enjoyed playing Quake I, and immensely enjoyed playing Unreal. I have personal issues with QII, although I liked the high-tech and continuity. I didn't bother with QIII (got UT instead, which rox).

Developers can't always match up to our expectations I guess.

If I like playing the demos of both games, I'll get both games, pure and simple. For me it's not purely a matter of which has better graphics, but gameplay. QII looked great at the time (especially if you love the colours brown and orange), but Jedi Knight came out around the same time, and it had tons of gameplay - and replayability.

I'm looking forward to Unreal II, which is closer to release, and seems to be adding some great new elements to the gameplay.

I don't know about Doom III, simply because there is practically no information on it as yet. Screen grabs from low quality video don't really do the engine justice, so I've ignored all of that. When they start releasing proper screenshots and information, then I'll make up my mind whether I'll want it.

Whatever happens, Doom III isn't going to be appearing any time soon, so there really is no point in comparing the two games.

I'm more worried about the choice I'll probably have to make between...

Call Of Cthulhu
Jedi Outcast: Jedi Knight II
Medal Of Honour: Allied Assault
New World Order
Unreal II

...which are all due out around the same time. All of these games are looking very, very good. I may have to start saving now. ;-)

30th Sep 2001, 05:27 PM
And of course the geforce 3 :D

Nah not necessarily.. a gf2 64 mb ddram will probably do as well.
And I'm sure the gf2 mx will suffise :)

My list:

- RtcW
- Unreal 2
- Unreal warface.. maybe
- Duke nukem forever.. when it's done ;)

30th Sep 2001, 07:29 PM
judging by the way that e3 video of duke 4 ever looked it would probably run on a voodoo5:rolleyes: ;)

30th Sep 2001, 08:30 PM
Main advantage of games like Unreal2 and Dukenukem forever:

Chicks!!!!!!!!!! :D

2nd Oct 2001, 04:34 PM
Roger :)