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6th Jul 2001, 05:00 AM
ok benlavigne
solution also work --- course he is reinstalling ( also winsock ) OS new with allot of problems that could come up ( Uhahhahahah iam afraid of such **** )

but the solution of OLO is PERFECT i really want 2 say THANK YOU VERY MUCH - you are my personal Hero :-) 4 now and for a long time .

Just by the way i tried Addaware 4.2 ( i think it was 2 ) course i had thought in that direction 2 - i scanned my complete PC with Norton and Mc. Avee ( i thought it must be a worm, trojan or virus ) but the old version of addaware doesn’t found anything but the new Version 5.5 found and i get rid of the MOFO newdotnet2_109.dll .

Thank again OLO

How to tell the MOFO which programmed newdotnet2_109.dll that they are big sucking bloody **** ****ing kind of ......uhhhh sorry i really fell:mad: about those as..... damm again... tz tz tz

c y soon out there :o)