View Full Version : A BIG thanks to the Reverend

Sir Questor=UTK=
4th Jul 2001, 07:31 PM
Just wanted to say another big thank to Reverend Whoopass for his assistance today. Trying to teach an old dog new tricks isn't easy and your effort is greatly appreciated.

BTW. Great games on Cinci afterward.

4th Jul 2001, 09:55 PM
Anytime man!I had fun.The cinci games were fun.Anytime you wanna practce,or try out new stuff,gimme a ring.That pretty much goes out to any one else here too.If ya need help with something,and don't mind learning stuff,mail me.We can set up a time to do stuff.

voice com program like Roger wilco ,or battlecom is surely needed.it make sthings much easier than typing.

6th Jul 2001, 07:44 AM
I might have to take you up on that Rev. I play under the pseudonym of Nine_Toe_Joe when not in a clan match.


Robot TinMan|BuF
6th Jul 2001, 08:10 AM
Kewl! Private lessons with da Mastah! ;)
I guess I could use some help too, hehe.