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Wolf Blackstar
8th Jan 2000, 03:32 AM
Has anybody been able to beat all the levels in Unreal on "Hard" or "Unreal" and try to kill as few Nali as possible? Sometimes, like in SkyTown, with that one guy under the crate, you can't avoid it, but in situations where the Skaarj attack the Nali, have you been able to keep them alive? Just wondering...

-Wolf Blackstar

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9th Jan 2000, 05:23 AM
Oh I've saved that Nali under the crate, without his getting injured at all...

I generally have saved just as many Nali on Unreal skill as on the other settings, and that is pretty much all of them. But one Nali I don't consistently manage to save is that one in the Ceremonial Chambers at the bottom of the canyon. The one by the harpoon gun. That's a tough one!

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