View Full Version : Putting my file on Fileplanet

22nd Jun 2001, 05:29 AM
How do I do it? Can I upload the zip to my planetunreal site and then submit it at the Fileplanet site?

How do I link to it?

Can I just send it to you and get you to do all the work?

Actually, I'd like to know how to myself. I have realised that the best way to run my Seekers Pack is to release a new version as often as possible. It must be a few months since version 4, so I want to get version 5 out ASAP.

22nd Jun 2001, 07:47 AM
well put the file in the ftp pu/cdrom/wod/forgery

then you set up alink to it like how the gamespy help says, gamespy help covers nearly everything, I not going to bother to explain things to people anymore if its in the gamespy help.