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20th Jun 2001, 05:05 PM
Cos I thought unreal 1 was so good, and KHG used the same engine, I went and bought it and wasn't disappointed. I also thought I would be able to find loads of maps/skins/models to download for the game, but I can't find one site. Anyone know where I can find custom maps/skins/models for Klinon Honor Guard?

20th Jun 2001, 05:47 PM
You got me there, soz!

22nd Jun 2001, 01:27 PM
w00t! one of the first-ever threads to be moved to Licensees. :D

24th Jun 2001, 02:27 AM
theirs practiclly zilch on this game, the KHG site is up with a patch even.
But it never was that popular.
The game has a lot of unique things in it anyway.
How would you like to walk on the outside of a Klingon Bird of Prey wearing MagBoots. You can do!

4th Jul 2001, 02:21 PM
Wouldn't U1 stuff work OK?

It should with at least very little modification.

4th Jul 2001, 03:36 PM
I have already got unreal 1 stuff working in it, but i'm looking for maps made for maps more than anything that have been made for KHG especially.