View Full Version : the damn fan- THEE ANSWER!!!

2nd Jan 2000, 12:49 PM
hey everybloody-LOSTNEWBIE FOUND SOMETHING!! I don't know if hugging the left rail as you run past the fan really does work or not, it sure didn't the THREE(!)times I tried it. I even tried hellscrag's advice since he seems to be a true masterblaster! NO GO!! I was starting to get very frustrated when I remembered that my character moved pretty fast when I started the game but around level 2 I lowered the game speed and noticed that KO-RIN was moving a lot slower. So- it hit me that if I do the reverse it might work. WELL BOYHOWDY! I just zipped right on past that dumb old fan like speedy gonzales on speed! Just max the game speed out to 200%. I guarontee(<that's in cajonspeak by the way!)you will have absolutely no problem now!!!!!!