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16th Jun 2001, 02:34 AM
:sniper: [DINC] is searching for recruits for IRCL league matches and net play. We're not looking to start a big clan. All we want is a few team oriented players who are dedicated to teamwork, winning and having fun. In addition to IRCL, we will have in-clan ladder and death matches. We will also have a ranking system. Plus we will award medal for valor and that sort. If you are interested in joining the clan contact Me at Gillieum@cs.com or contact DLL at RobMalt1@pacbell.net
Or you can contact use via ICQ.
We look forward to hearing from ya. :boom:

P.S DLL and I are located in California, players in nearby time zones would be convenient.:D
DLL's Icq# 121310046:minigun:

21st Jun 2001, 12:32 AM
:sniper: [DINC] would like to announce the birth of its web page.
:D We are hard at work to constuct one of the best clans on the net. :instagib: The nets elite are gathering. Are you sure your on the right side. :D :redflag:
Damage Incorporated [DINC] http://home.pacbell.net/robmalt1