View Full Version : What's the best video card for Unreal 2

9th Jun 2001, 04:50 AM
I'm buying a new computer, maybe a 1.5Ghz or so. What's the best video card and sound card to buy for gaming now? I'm especally interested in getting the best video card to play Unreal 2 when it comes out. Thanks.

9th Jun 2001, 12:48 PM
Well the best card right now is obviously a GeForce 3. I'd get one from Elsa (Gladiac 920). As for a sound card, just get a Sound Blaster live Value.

9th Jun 2001, 08:10 PM
What seems like the best video card for U2 now, won't be the best by the beginning of next year when the game hits store shelves.

I have a feeling that 1.5 ghz and a Geforce 3 will run U2 great. But a whole lot can change in half a year of PC gaming.

10th Jun 2001, 05:50 AM
Does anybody know of the release date for U2 yet?

11th Jun 2001, 10:42 AM
Legend folks have repeatedly stated that U2 will play fine (not minimum reqs) on a pIII600 with a GeForce2 and will really rock with a GeForce3. Hope this holds true when the game goes retail.

It does have a min req of a card that can handle T&L.

11th Jun 2001, 06:04 PM
They said P450/GPU card.
Personally, I prefer ATi's image quality, but if you even THINK I'm going to get into ATi vs. nVidia, you're nuts.

15th Jun 2001, 03:41 AM
well from what i heard..take the GF3

ATM it rocks the most, and it will at least rock for the next half year ( after that well...you know gPU's dont live long )