View Full Version : Ghost Dogs are Recruiting

4th Jun 2001, 05:30 PM
We are looking to put together an INF unit for our clan. We are interested in serious, mature minded gamers who are willing to apply a little dedication and discipline to the game. This will involve teamwork, strategy, and voice communication.....not to mention LOTS of ass kicking fun.

If interested check out our site:

The Ghost Dogs Headquarters (http://members.home.net/ghostdogshq)

Lets go to war. Oorah!!

4th Jun 2001, 07:29 PM
Annoucement guy ! http://shoe.free.fr/msmiley/clin.gif


4th Jun 2001, 10:15 PM
ooops. Sorry.

4th Jun 2001, 10:37 PM
No problem guy !http://shoe.free.fr/msmiley/clin.gif

4th Jul 2001, 06:56 PM
Come join up. We are putting together a team for the next round of INF War.

Hurry up and sign onto our INF unit.