View Full Version : Just bought an ATI all-in-woner 128 & can't play

20th Dec 1999, 02:52 PM
I bought this card, used to play Infiltration & Unreal a lot now I can't...I had a K6-266 & a Voodoo2 forever & it worked fine, I upgraded to k6-2 350 w/ATI All-In-Wonder 128 AGP 16Meg...my fps went from 24-27 to 5-7...I've downloaded the BIOS patch, updated drivers for everything & reinstalled Unreal & the 225f patch...still no luck. Help!

Edmond Clay
26th Dec 1999, 06:32 PM
get the voodoo 35oo i tossed my ati allinwonder 128 because me and the techs could not get it to video/sound capture. ati sucks

27th Dec 1999, 09:08 AM
I got it working finally, but it's a little slower than my single Voodoo2...however the colors are awesome. I'm going to build my own game system soon so I've decided to keep the ATI card, when Voodoo4 or 5 or whatever comes out I'll get one of those, Voodoo 3500 isn't worth the $ right now. I'd rather get another voodoo2 & SLI them. (wish I could with my current video card)