View Full Version : Unreal on a GeForce: Just a dream?

23rd Dec 1999, 04:39 PM
I once had a voodoo 3 2000, but I now have a Pentium III 500 with a GeForce256 (hey, I had to have T&L NOW!) I can't get Unreal to run, not even with the latest patches. I kinda expected this, since the card was just released. I have DirectX 7, and the ICD drivers are based on the Detonator reference; however, they are much more stable (stable enough to be considered worthy of permanence on a CD)

Are there any fixes so I can play Unreal again? (hopefully in OpenGL)

23rd Dec 1999, 07:16 PM
Oh my god what are you thinking? Geforce has better support then voodoo3.

God you are pathetic. My geforce is working on unreal right now. You didn't even say what yyour problem is!

24th Dec 1999, 10:42 PM
Here's my problem, to a T.


In Direct3d, it switches resolutions, then abruptly quits. In OpenGL, it doesn't even go to fullscreen, it just quits once the viewport is opened. One reason may be that the GeForce isn't listed in the OpenGlDrv.ini file. I can't put it there, cause the card ID has a slash in it, and I'm afraid that it would cause a parse error in the INI file.

So if you got it working, can you reveal any secrets?