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8th Dec 1999, 06:47 PM
EPIC PLEASE RELEASE A PATCH FOR UNREAL!!!!! PLEASE NOT EVERYONE HAS A 3dfx card........i have tnt2 and ut sucks in opengl cuz its slow and in d3d it sucks becuase there are so many errors in the weapon models....and its just as fast as opengl. I am running the latest drivers and i still cant beleive that unreal 1 performs so incredibly horribly. PLease release something for x-mas....i am not going to but ut untill i get what i have been waiting for .........a god dam patch for unreal so I CAN RUN IT AT DECENT SPEEDS IN D3D OR OPENGL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

System Specs
p3 450
Viper770 Running Latest Detonator Drivers
Latest Unreal Patch..dont matter same **** happens in ever version........dont tell me to go back it 224 cuz it sucks even more *** .......

P.S. I said that I was not going to post on this forum but i am really desperate

BTW..I have q3a and it kicks *** ...i get better frame rates in that than i do in unreal! waaay better 30fps more than unreal...thanks.........PLEASE HELP OR I WILL HAVE TO GO DOWN TO EPIC HQ AND STEAL THAT NEW PATCH THEY ARE WORKING ON!

9th Dec 1999, 12:51 AM
You have my heartfelt sympathies, friend. Believe me.

9th Dec 1999, 01:03 AM
hmm. I have a P2 400 w/ 128MB RAM and a Diamond Viper770 and Unreal runs fantastic on my machine. I wonder why its so different with the same graphics card and RAM?

9th Dec 1999, 10:06 AM
Even with a 3dfx card, Unreal doesn't have to work. I have a AMD-K6 III 400 and a Voodoo3 2000 graphikcard and patched unreal with the v225 patch. Doesn't run at all. I don't know what to do, either...

17th Dec 1999, 07:12 PM
Try installing the 225 patch in your unreal file on your c drive plus have your cd on hand you will need it so the patch can copy files

Yes, that shadow you see behind you is me !!! Fear me!!

20th Dec 1999, 12:16 AM
make sure you have directX6.1 or 7 (or 7a, now out.
I have a TNT2 I will be installing soon and be able to help tweak out probs.
If anything, grab GLsetup, run it, this will
analyze your system and tweak it out.
I had a TNT an was going to try the Q3test
and found the reference to the GLsetup.
It made the Q3Atest work on my TNT.
Use it.