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The Bogg
14th Dec 1999, 12:17 PM
192megs ram
asus p2b m/b
xentor32 tnt2u o/c to 170/195
cardcooler on video card
Optiquest V95 19inch monitor
unreal with 225f (duh!)

Hi all,
I upgraded my tnt1 which played at 1024x768
in 16bit under d3d quite nicely. I decided
I wanted to be able to play at 1280x1024 in 32bit (not that I could really see the difference between 16 and 32!) so I got the
tnt2ultra. It ran phenomenally in 16bit but
seemed a little choppy in 32 bit. This was using every option under "advanced" for d3d.
It seemed that the most playable resolution was 1024x768 in 32bit, with occasional hitching when there was lots of action. It was reasonably good.

This is the interesting part: I recently reinstalled everything after getting a giant 27gig h/d. When I was setting up Unreal I put a value of 16 in cache instead of 90 or 100. I also disabled "palettes" under the d3d advanced options. Every other performance tab is set for highest visual quality. The only other change in my system I made was to go from 170/200 to 170/195 after seeing a couple of "sparkles" in Quake1, which I understand means that the memory is too overclocked. Anyhoo, the unbelievable thing is that now I can play at 1280x1024 in 32bit!!!!! The timedemo gives me something like 24fps. There is very occasional hitching but it does not slow down
when there is lots of action on the screen.
Interestingly enough, the menu isn't as messed up (with missing pieces of letters) as
it was before. Anyone know what that palettes setting was? I think only 3dfx cards and the geforce can use it anyway, and I believe it lowers the quality of video. I'm finally getting what I want from this game and I don't need to get a geforce - whoo hoo!

I wish I knew which step made the difference in playability in 32bit (16bit was always very smooth) but I changed several things at once.

Bottom line is that Unreal can run very well with tnt1 and tnt2. There are issues with tnts in general in terms of installing them and having them behave stably in your system but once things are working then you can sit back and say "aaaahhh" once you see the graphics etc...

I look forward to the next patch like everyone else, but I'm happy with d3d as it is.

The Bogg