View Full Version : M16 bug?

20th Jul 1999, 01:31 PM
I was using the M16 in inf_hillbase when I noticed something weird. I was just messing around and using the 'set input' zoom cheat when I noticed that the speed of every 3rd round fired was cut immensly. I was targeting some bots that were circling the CD from the top of the slope at the entrance to the base. You could actually see the bullet fly and count to almost 3 seconds before it hit em'! That bullet is also the most accurate, every time. I also tested it on boxes and dead guys on other mods and on the first level of Unreal.

Thanks, Matt-

20th Jul 1999, 03:09 PM
Hehe- ok- here's how it works. That third round is a tracer round. But the normal bullets aren't projectiles like that round is, so instead Unreal basically draws an invisible line from the gun to a surface of some kind and spawns bullet hits. They are instantanious, but we're looking into adding ballistics to the weapons so from large distances bullet hits won't 'hit' right away.