View Full Version : Try this DM level.

20th Jul 1999, 02:51 PM
Love this mod!!!! 2.1 is an improvement...no more crashing. I really reccomend DMResidentEvil2 in DM mode. This is really suited to this mod & is keeping me well occupied.......yes....coming dear!!! Hehehe!

20th Jul 1999, 03:20 PM
Cool! I'll have to grab that one! One of my favorite maps (one among many) is DMGrooveMachine.. this map is FULL of places to go and hide and surprise from.. great map.

20th Jul 1999, 03:55 PM
Great.....just gonna get it! Hehehe! What an earbashing I'm gettin' from 'her' tonight! Hahaha!

20th Jul 1999, 05:18 PM
Ha! It's cool. Try DMBreakfast for a wee change! Nice idea!

20th Jul 1999, 06:07 PM
hehe- yeah, DMBreakfast is a cool 'little' level!! Awesome job on that one!