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20th Jul 1999, 07:47 PM
I find the reloading procedure of the shotgun a bit strange. It should be possible to abort the loading procedure even if magazine isn't totally filled and fire what you got in it.

Its not entirely realistic to just continue reloading and not shoot back if you come under attack /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

20th Jul 1999, 10:47 PM
Hmm.. yes you're right-- somehow that missed our bugs list.. Version 1.0 would stop the reloading procedure if you held down the fire button, but when we put in the new shotgun animations, that part got left out. If you play Classic or StandOff mode, you can set the reloading to manual and that won't be a problem. DM mode however doesn't allow this.

20th Jul 1999, 11:50 PM
Also, how about the fact of loosing some ammo when reloading before empty or did I just imagine this was happening?

21st Jul 1999, 12:01 AM
On clip based weapons like the M9, MP5, M16, etc. when you reload halfway through a clip, it is assumed in real life you would simply toss down the clip and reload a full one rather than taking out all the bullets from the clip and store them away for future use. So for this reason any ammo left in your clip when you reload is deleted.

Nathan Keogh Necroscope
21st Jul 1999, 11:00 AM
Heres an idea: how about being able to pick up dropped magazines like dropped weapons?
that way when you reload before the mag is empty you can get the dropped bullets :-)

Nathan Keogh Necroscope
21st Jul 1999, 11:04 AM
heres an idea again: how about being able to either 1)carry more than 1 at4 launcher(like 3 or 4) or 2) be able to reload the 1 you have. on the weapons page it says it fires 3 rnds a min, well, if you can only fire it 1 time how can you fire it 3 tims a min???
just a question is all :-)

21st Jul 1999, 12:05 PM
The weapon fires 3 rounds a minute in real life-- and this is either with someone with you carrying the rockets or with you next to a container with rockets in it. That kind of weight is impossible to carry around, so it's a one shot deal- besides, it's way too powerful to just allow more than one at a time.

Now on another note- let's picture this-- 3 rounds a minute.. that's APPRX. 20 seconds per fire.. that means about 15 to 18 seconds to reload.. with prime conditions I'm sure. (ie reasons I stated above) so for you to wait that long in one spot just to reload the AT4, it's smarter just to find another one. And if you think you should be allowed to move around while reloading, than we're talking like 1 maybe 2 rockets per minute. Unfortunately it's not as easy a deal to reload like HalfLife's launcher is. We're trying to be as real as possible with our weapons (accurate reloading and firing animations).

Hehe- so in other words, no, the AT4 will remain a one-time fire and forget deal. Thanks for the suggestion though! Just be glad I didn't say 'no' and leave it at that! /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

21st Jul 1999, 12:15 PM
As far as the clip suggestion goes, that's a pretty good one.. have the player drop a clip, and if it's empty, it will be destroyed after a few seconds, but if there's ammo in it, have it stick around a bit longer for people to grab. Good idea!

22nd Jul 1999, 12:08 AM
And the player who dropped the ammo would not be able to pick it up again or there would be absolutely no point... /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif