View Full Version : Where can I play?

23rd Jul 1999, 02:10 PM
Where can I find some servers for this game? It seems that the tab doesn't show up in the Unreal browser, and Gamespy doens't show what game types, so I'm stuck with Gamespy Lite. And that holds only two never occupied servers. Is there an easier way to find these things?


25th Jul 1999, 02:16 AM
LOL! So many of you want to play, but no one ever wants to at the same time! It is true that the SOB Infiltration Server is rarely occupied, you guys need to start an Infiltration clan or something, and get together and play... I guarantee that SOB will keep the infiltration server up and running, so that you will always have a place to play! Infiltration is an awesome mod, and needs to see more gameplay... we run a dedicated T3 server, with changing INF gametypes, so you have no excuse not to get together and enjoy!