View Full Version : Great mod, one thing though...

24th Jul 1999, 07:42 PM
I just downloaded this mod, it is excellent. It really compares to counterstrike for Half-life. When I was thinking of things that Infiltration lacked that Counterstrike was better at, I could only think of the models that counterstrike uses. All the people in counter strike have very realistic motions while Infiltration uses the models that came with Unreal which were designed for regular old DM. If you could make realistic player models, this mod would probably be the best out there. Although models are very hard to do I know. Also, for map suggestions, keep the maps all real world, and have some maps in broad daylight. Even though Unreal does night maps so much better =).

24th Jul 1999, 11:44 PM
Never fear! Our plan is to create some descent player models that will have realistic animations and where our weapons will actually 'fit' so to speak..

As far as maps go, our favorites are the urban/modern day/military oriented levels.