View Full Version : How about a list of suitable maps?

26th Jul 1999, 11:36 AM
Excellent Mod guys (NOW I've worked out how to Bind Reload and Weapon Mode :-)
But.....I need more "conventional" maps. I check out Nali City regularly and so far have TerroristRemix, DownTown, Bronx and Zeitkind. Are there any more modern-day maps out there suitable for Inf?

Thanx for any answers.

[midnite empire]

26th Jul 1999, 12:32 PM
Hey- glad you got things working! I agree- I enjoy the urban/modern day maps a lot, so we're putting together a Level Designer page for Infiltration that will have urban texture packs, ideas from the community, levels in production, and levels available for download. Hopefully we can make it easier and more desirable for people to create these kinds of maps which are much more suitable for Infiltration.