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Michael Bain
26th Jul 1999, 10:46 PM
I would like to suggest 3 other pickup items, a Night Scope for the Sniper Rifle, a laser sight, and of course night vision goggles.

27th Jul 1999, 12:06 AM
Well, those would be great items to have, but night vision in general is pretty impossible with Unreal- at least something that looks descent from uScript. The laser pointer/sight is possible but wouldn't be available until UT to see if they have something better to offer graphical wise.

28th Jul 1999, 08:32 PM
I like the idea of night vision, but what would be the use? Everyone must be able to see, and if night vision is needed, there must be VERY little light to be realistic. If there is enough light for others to see, the night vision gogles would probably blind the user.


[ Jedi Catch ]

29th Jul 1999, 12:43 AM
You're very right.. nightvision would be cool for maybe a single player game with goals and mission objectives, but when you do nothing more than run around lobbing off heads, you constantly run into explosions and light effects that would seriously blind you. this effect is possible, obviously from the flashbangs, but I think it'd happen so often people would not use them anyway.

1st Aug 1999, 07:42 PM
Warren: Night-vision could be done by getting the program to type in "RMODE 2"? (I forget the number) in the console and overlaying a green translucent layer in the HUD. The level would be unlit, which would make it render faster, but the translucent layer would make it render slower. To turn it off you use "RMODE 5"? and remove the translucent layer.

1st Aug 1999, 07:43 PM
On second thought, that wouldn't really work though- it wouldn't make things shades of green- it would just make everything more green (but it is still in colour)

2nd Aug 1999, 12:28 AM
Hehe, that was our nightvision cheat back on Force Recon. Let's just say it's not a good way to go...

2nd Aug 1999, 01:39 AM
ahh- those were the days... but at any rate, we'd have to detect lighting levels the player is 'seeing' at the time and in a sense blind him when he's got night vision on.. including explosions, etc.. at this current state of technology, we'll leave it out. I appreciate the help though Luke! thanks-