View Full Version : Ignorance

29th Jul 1999, 12:45 PM
Usually I wouldn't bother ranting about much here, but I just want to clarify something in case the question/comment ever comes up again. It seems we got a rather harsh email from someone (no names here) who ignorantly insisted that Robar doesn't make a .50 BMG rifle. Because of the way he told us this, I responded in a polite but aggrevated tone- however I got that email back because it was supposedly 'undeliverable.' Instead of not being able to say anything, I'm posting the information here.

So to anyone who thinks Robar doesn't make a .50 calibur rifle, by all means, please follow this link:

This will take you directly to the proper page, I promise. I hope this clears any disinformation up, and please, if you can't send us bug reports or comments in a respectable manor, then we could really do without them.. Thank you.