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2nd Aug 1999, 05:39 PM
Uhm, I'm pretty sure that this is already well-known, but I'll say it anyway. The M16, shotgun and maybe some of the other weapons will occasionally make huge changes to your view angle after firing (ie, suddenly looking way up or way down). Don't tell me this is a "feature"... /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

BTW, I am aware of the normal recoil effect. What I am saying above is not the same thing.


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2nd Aug 1999, 08:26 PM
yeah- I know what you're talking about-- you're firing away and moving your gun to follow a target or whathaveyou and as soon as you either let go of the trigger or run out of ammo, the view will leap back to your original position before you started firing-- it can be quite annoying and we're looking into it- something that's been there since version 1

2nd Aug 1999, 09:16 PM
This 'snap' back to the original position is intended to counteract the rise of the weapon. Should this be removed?

3rd Aug 1999, 01:47 AM
Yep, it's quite annoying if you lose your target.

3rd Aug 1999, 10:36 PM
Well, I counter-act the rise of the weapon by myself, so I don't need an automatic view-snap at all. Maybe this is the problem.