View Full Version : Bones INF standoff server now up...

5th Aug 1999, 10:59 PM
yes there is another INF server up playin nuthin but standoff..thanks to Tinaja and the UNK clan...(the clan i'm in..hehe)

5th Aug 1999, 11:33 PM
Oh cool, he came through. I just remember him messaging me that Standoff is way too slow and that he was taking the server down...

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8th Aug 1999, 07:58 PM
How can a mac user access this server?

/ any public, dedicated servers?

8th Aug 1999, 08:57 PM
Actually, I am a pc user and I have also not been able to access the server. It doesn't seem to be in gamespy at all.

[ jedi.catch ]

15th Aug 1999, 06:22 AM
I,ve seen your server on the games list before but i have not seen it with STANDOFF can you let me know where it is????? Thanks , CircleJerk e-mail me at slouchster@earthlink.net