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7th Aug 1999, 04:50 PM
I was playing on the SOB Infiltration Server earlier today untill the map changed to INF_HillBase, then the map loaded and just as the game started I got the message “Connection Failure”. This also happens with the INF_SubBase map as well. I don’t get it! I have INF 2.1 and both map packs but every time I won’t connect! It was working fine for Surgery.unr. Help Please!!


7th Aug 1999, 07:29 PM
not to worry- we're working on all the problems that cause those random crashes so hopefully version 2.5 will be solid and playable for many hours at a time http://dynamic.gamespy.com/~unreal/modcentral/html/tongue.gif

8th Aug 1999, 07:24 PM

[ jedi.catch ]

8th Aug 1999, 07:49 PM
How can a mac user access the SOB server?

/ any public, dedicated servers?