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8th Aug 1999, 02:54 AM
I myself dont see the point of aiming the reason is because of the crosshair if you leave it on its going to be just like it if you were actucally aiming. If you were to make it so the crosshair wasn't in the game then I would begin aining with my weapons.

8th Aug 1999, 03:50 AM
What about if the aiming crosshair only appears when you aim?

9th Aug 1999, 01:39 AM
well I dont think that there should be a crosshair when you aim because there is no crosshair when you aim in real life, however Warren could always make that an option in UT or perhaps even 2.5

9th Aug 1999, 02:49 AM
Yes, I know that it's not real. But this cut 'simulate' the aiming. Warren said it'd look stupid if they put the weapon on the middle of the screen so I believe this is the best way to 'aim'