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8th Aug 1999, 08:14 PM
Is it just me or does everybody else feel that the player skins are a tad on the not so stylish side, they also lack a certain 'militaryness' which I feel could be used.

Please follow in the footsteps of Action Quake 2, you have already taken their game format and called it 'Standoff' so use skins like they do. SWAT vs Terrorists and the like.

If you want ideas, go over to House of Style at Planetunreal and look up my Terrorist skin pack there, you should all like them, then download them and replace the slightly dodgy infiltration skins.

People, looks do matter...

8th Aug 1999, 08:46 PM
I think the problem would be fixed if 3rd party skins could be used... those currently used aren't that bad though... wait for UT and different player models before worrying about player appearance too much.

8th Aug 1999, 08:56 PM
Ummm... that was rude! These guys are making an awesome mod and you come in and trash talk their work so you can post a little promotion for your work? That is just wrong.

[ jedi.catch ]

8th Aug 1999, 11:29 PM
I personally have never played any of those 'action' games from quake or HL, and all of our ideas have been original - at least from our point of view. The fact is though, reality comes in only one fasion, so having similiar characteristics to other mods or games is obviously bound to happen. We'll try to stay original as best we can anyway.

The skins will be redone for version 3 along with the new player models, but we're still unsure what 'kind' of skin we'll use.. however *telling* us what skin to use sure isn't very convincing.. we might use terrorist and SWAT teams hand in hand with other military uniforms.

8th Aug 1999, 11:36 PM
Sometimes I don't get people. They try and tell us to be more like Action Quake 2, and then if we are like Action Quake 2, they tell us we ripped them off.

Here's the fact people: We don't give a **** about Action Quake 2. We don't play it, we don't have it, we don't care about it. If we have done something like them it's because it is natural to have that in a military conversion. So please don't tell us to be more like them or be less like them. We do what we feel would be fun, and we certainly aren't out to rip off other mods. We even go out of our way to not rip someone off.

More to the point, we don't have the resources to be picky with skins. I personally like our skins, but they have come under scrutiny for not being realistic enough. If anyone would like to send me or Warren their skins for possible use in Infiltration, I'm more than willing to take a look. But don't just come on here and say that our skins suck and yours are better without even offering them to us to use.

After all, we wouldn't want to rip anyone off.

9th Aug 1999, 08:27 PM

It seems I must defend myself. I was putting across my opinion, yes it may have come across forcefully and yes it may be the view of an individualist, hence the lack of sucking up.

It was not a self promotion, I was suggesting that the InF guys take a look at my work to get ideas, that's all.

Also I think that it may be beneficial to the game if you InF guys play some Action Quake 2 as a reference, I personally don't like alot of things about Action Quake aswell, in fact I don't like lots of little things, it's just that I express my dislikes rather than spewing forth endless amounts of brown-nosing material.

Anyway, check it out, look at the level design as well, it would be beneficial for all.

9th Aug 1999, 10:36 PM
I understand the need to express your opinion without 'brown-nosing' but there's a little thing called being tactful- this minor characteristic will help a lot in life.. basically it means getting your point across in a polite manor- the fact that you have to post a second time to 'explain yourself' obviously means we either took your first post wrong or you figured what you had to say was so right that, well we damn well better do it! So without beating a dead horse, let's make the sharing of ideas something to be gained and not force each other into any sort of defensive..

NOW- having said that, let me say that I no longer own a copy of Quake2 (I know, God forbid!) so I wouldn't be much good there. What Infiltration will be though is as realistic as we feel is possible for us and we'll of course consider ideas from other mods that are geared towards realism- just post what the idea is instead of 'play this mod because it'd be good for your mod.' Thanks-

10th Aug 1999, 12:00 AM
I like Inf. because it is different - and better - than all other realizm-based mods I have played. I think the Inf. team - with the help of players - is doing GREAT, and will continue to do great. Other mods had early releases that weren't as good as their later ones. That is the point of making later ones.

My point is, I don't think it is as important to look at other mods or other people's skins as it is to play with your own and learn for yourself. I think THAT is what sets Inf. apart from other realizm-based mods.

[ jedi.catch ]