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13th Aug 1999, 07:13 PM
...But i could barely read my own message ;P
i was in a hurry to work so i typed reall fast...ok anyways-How can i make it so that i can see the Shells of the guns in deathmatch mode? i mean in Classic/Standoff modes evreything works..but im a bot-only kinda guy /infopop/emoticons\icon_wink.gif so i need the deathmatch!
Please help?

13th Aug 1999, 07:25 PM
Go from the main menu, options, advanced options, game types, infiltration, and set ShellCases to true, I think thats where I go /infopop/emoticons\icon_wink.gif

13th Aug 1999, 10:03 PM
I believe in DM mode we have set everything to defaults that cannot be changed (will be fixed for version 2.5) including the hold for aiming, autoreload, etc.. and I think shellcasings is set automatically to off..