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13th Aug 1999, 09:14 PM
Umm yeah, question really for the InF guys but anyone else can field it if they like.

I've made up a few models, mentioned in the subject, and want to import them into UnrealEd as models, can't do so for some reason.

Made them up in 3DstudioMax 2, saved them as dxf files and UnrealEd won't import them, is there anything I need to do during the production that will stop the crashing when I go to import them?

Any help, from anyone who knows what they are talking about would be handy.

13th Aug 1999, 09:18 PM
hmm.. are you planning on using these models as 1st person weapons? If so, then you need to import them very differently. There's a program called 3DS2UNR that will allow you to import a model into unreal. The way you're describing is for brushes only- specific to the levels. There is also another great utility out there that you can use as a plugin for Max. It's called Eerok's Unreal Modeling Utility (UMU). This program saves a great deal of time compared to the 3DS2UNR way but the later is much more stable. Both of these files can be found on Unreal's very own Motornerve's website- www.nervedamage.com (http://www.nervedamage.com)

13th Aug 1999, 09:34 PM

I intend on using them as first person weapons of course. Got to do all the animation and stuff yet, so might be a while. I'm considering sending just the base models to you guys, with skins, and let you do with them as you wish. I will patch em up a little, as some parts are a little rough.

Cool thing is I've only been using 3dsMax for about a week now, I kinda picked it up real quick, been UnrealEding for about 10-11 months now, every single day. Anyway, I will go look at these programs.

13th Aug 1999, 11:30 PM
Are you.. perfectly sane? Hehe.. EVERY DAY!?!? Sorry.

[ jedi.catch ]

13th Aug 1999, 11:49 PM
sure- send it on over and I'll take a look.. I must say that it doesn't mean we'll use it. But I won't turn you away from sending it over to check out.