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15th Aug 1999, 03:52 AM
I can't answer all questions of 'we need your thoughts' again so I've set up a new topic:

-I'd like to see a HK USP as a second handgun. The IMI Desert Eagle is just too FAT (hope you know what I mean)

-I think people want weapons with ATTACHABLE silencers because they give you more possibilities. I.e.:You want to have the enemy's attention away from a teammate. You move to a position away from your mate and fire some rounds.
Or: You are the teammate and want to infiltrate the enemy base silently, of course you use a silencer.
I think this is why players want to have them attachable.
An idea: Before you start the game you have to choose a secondary and a primary weapon (and maybe some more like grenades, mines etc.) and you have a menue in that you can attach things on the weapons. Only if you have finished this you can begin. In this menu you can attach the ACOG4x OR the QD sound suppressor, just to give an example.

Have I forgot sth???
Oh yes, the uniforms of the players.
The SEAL team should wear the urban uniform. (black spectrafibrevest, black hood, no helmet, green suit, black belt with holster for the secondary weapon(right) and ammoclips (left)
Want some pictures?
Or these typical SWAT models (black or camo)
Pictures needed?

Please don't forget to try smokebombs with UT. They offer great opportunities.

Thanks, that's all /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

15th Aug 1999, 02:30 PM
As to the selecting your load out.... EXACTLY what is needed to make this a even more realistic sim.... we all know special forces teams aren't dropped behind enemy lines with just a pistol... on the assumption that there are guns lying around.....

Attatchable items.... good... probably hard to implement.... (animations etc)...

15th Aug 1999, 11:52 PM
Attachable items are of course possible, but they add a LOT to the size of the mod. To put this in perspective, let's take an MP5 weapon. If you have the ability to add a scope AND a silencer, then we're talking 4 times as many animations. For example, the standard average set of animations for this weapon would be:
-Still_1 (hip shot with bolt forward)
-Still_2 (hip shot with bolt back)
-StillAim_1 (aim shot with bolt forward)
-StillAim_2 (aim shot with bolt back)
-BringUp (raise the weapon when selected)
-BringDown (lower the weapon out of view)
-Reload_1 (when gun first picked up, bolt is charged)
-Reload_2 (when out of ammo, clip is swapped and bolt is slapped)
-Reload_3 (when changing clips but not out of ammo)

As you can see this is 11 animations (granted, the still sets are only 1 frame) so if you add the capability for the weapon to have a silencer, than that would be another 11 animations. If you add the scope, that's yet another 11. Ok, now we have to make it so you can have both the silencer and scope.. another 11.. brings us to *44* sequences-- a helluva lot of animation sets for one weapon- now adding 4 or maybe 5 weapons with this ability, you've got a HUGE download for a mod. It obviously better be damn good for someone to take the time and download a 12mb or more file. This might be ok the first time, but what if we have bugs that need to be fixed? Now we're talking more downloading. I'm definitely not trying to shoot down the idea, just putting in perspective what that would mean for you guys. I personally like the idea of having more functions to our weapons, rather than the normal fire and forget stuff. And for me to animate these extras would be simple since I just have to attach a silencer and/or scope to the original animations. How does this sound? from an unbiased point of view, would you really want to download a mod that size?

As far as silencers go, I see why you think you'd want them in there from a realistic standpoint, but do you really think someone who attaches a silencer to his weapon will take the time to remove it? As I said above, adding that ability isn't hard at all, but it would really increase the size of Infiltration by quite a bit.

The idea for starting players off with certain weapons is a great one. I love the concept of being able to start out and choose which melee, sidearm, and primary weapon you'd want. Along with choosing grenade types, mines, healthkits, etc for a backpack type thing. I personally feel a weight system along with this could work too so the player can decide if he should carry more clips of 9mm ammo or another healthpack. This can go along with weapon attachments - things like scopes can add weight- although not much. Then if that player dies, he should be able to loose his backpack and ammo to be picked up by others. None of this spawning ammo either.. you show up to the battle and either scrounge or if everyone runs out, it's melee time!! This is a wonderful idea for some increadible realism. Now comes the implementation.. ie, coding. The whole menu system seems possible, but if you want to join a standoff server, you'll need to set up your player before you start. One option is if you've found a setup that works best for you, it can be a default thing just like your nickname is.. so you can simply jump into the standoff game right away. All this stuff will really depend on how good UT is. Sad to say, but it's in their hands... unless someone wants to fork over half a million for the source code..

16th Aug 1999, 02:04 AM
As I said on the we need your thoughts topic, I wouldn't mind downloading a huge amount of files if the mod was great. (Easy to say, I've got ISDN, mwuahahahahaa)
No, seriously, I would also download the mod with a 56k modem if the result was worth it. And as I know you, it surely will.

16th Aug 1999, 03:15 AM
Most people who play inf/3d games online have a cable connection... the result with a phone line connection... not sure of course but thats what I'm guessing...

if thats the majority of the market, I'm sure they wouldn't mind a 5 min download for every update.... I sure don't /infopop/emoticons\icon_wink.gif

24th Aug 1999, 06:47 AM
Where exactly do you get that most people who play 3d games online have a cable modem?

24th Aug 1999, 04:04 PM
Ehm, because players with a high ping are often kicked out!?
I've got an ISDN and it always makes me run up (and down) the walls if someone with a modem from the last decade wants to join.

24th Aug 1999, 04:05 PM
Ehm, because players with a high ping are often kicked out!?
I've got an ISDN and it always makes me run up (and down) the walls if someone with a modem from the last decade wants to join.

Sage mol, Matze, schon mal bei nacktem Mondlicht mit dem Teufel getanzt?

25th Aug 1999, 02:30 AM
Hey, I've got 56K, and I always have low ping on most servers, 100-200. I dont even know anyone that has anything higher than 56K. So :รพ


26th Aug 1999, 07:50 PM
I'm Australian, and I have a friend who has a cable modem. That sort of tech is pretty new here, so he is paying through the nose, it works out to be about US$45-50 a month, I think. But pings are nice, he plays on local Action Quake servers, gets between 10 and 30.

Of course everyone he plays against hates him for it, but he's happy.

27th Aug 1999, 01:29 AM
This brings something else to light..... the fact that unreal *in its present state* is not a great online platform..... although the game is amazing.... the multiplayer protocals are not nearly up to par with games like quake/Q2/Q3test....

Does anyone out there know what epic is doing to fix this and what things will be like in UT?


27th Aug 1999, 04:23 AM
check out the online chat Epic had with the public.. it looks like the team rewrote most of the code and it's easily comparible with QIII.. this will certainly help the community. You should be able to access it from the PU website.