View Full Version : Trouble entering DM_hillbase and DM_subbase

15th Aug 1999, 09:37 AM
These are two great levels I am for some reason not able to play online... I tested if I could play them with the bots and that worked fine. It happens a lot when I play at SOB standoff, the level switches to DM_Hillbase and the machine starts loading the unreal/level data, then for a second the map appears on screen, then I get disconnected... When I reconnect the same problem. Also, I'm on a mac, so maybe it's a weird mac bug? Has anyone encountered the same problem?


15th Aug 1999, 02:00 PM
I have not personally encountered this bug, but I thought you were having it. I believe it is probably because you are on a mac. Maybe the levels were made for 225 Unreal?? I hear that gives trouble to mac players, but I don't see why it would work on your computer and not on the net. They are both very large, maybe it is because they take up so much memory, etc.

[ jedi.catch ]

1st Sep 1999, 03:06 PM

It works on my imac which I have networked through my g3 with voodoo 2. Loads both maps just fine. Online too. Never a hitch. But my main computer won't ever. On the G3 When I change the connect timeout (from say 20 to 25) I get in the game but am not allowed to choose a side and only show up in the player list on my computer, not on the imac. I can't see anyone either. And even stranger it erases my character name, and won't allow me to update it. So, it is not just a Mac issue. I think.

SpUnKy FuNk
6th Sep 1999, 03:13 AM
I am also a mac user, and I get the exact same problems on this PowerCenterPro clone. Sometimes I can connect but I get poopies problem. Any serpentine always results in the latter. 224 wont even run on my G3 upgraded Radius 8100 clone, tho 1.0 works fine.
I don't think RAM is a problem as there is 128 megs installed on here and 264 on the radius and I was running with the lowest options, and both work fine in botchmatch mode; it doesnt even work 1 on 1 with a direct TCP connection to my friends PC.