View Full Version : DMDeathZone_INF

16th Aug 1999, 01:50 PM
WOW!!! I have never before seen a level like this before. It's amazing!! A tank, Rotating cannon, rotating pulse/laser aim gun. Who would have thought you could do all that with the unreal engine. If you have not seen this level yet, go to NaliCity and download it. (DMDeathZone_INF) It's on the right side of the site, in the deathmatch catagory. Go down to the D's and enjoy months and months of deathmatching with this unbelievable level.
This is the first i've heard of this level. Am I just weird or is this not the coolest sh_t you've ever seen?? Why don't other people do this when they're making levels. Incorporating stationary cannons and the such that can be controled by you.
Like a jeep that has been half destroyed but has a 30mm duel machine gun mounted on the back that you could take control of. WOW!
Sorry if i'm just wasting your time, but I thought you might have missed it and would like to see it.