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17th Aug 1999, 01:56 PM
Well i was playing last night online; not on the SOB clan server, but some other one which i forget at about 6PM PST, under the name Ralphskin. After a bit of playing i aked if i could join their clan. At the end of some good playin', i was told that i would join, and that should contact on icq. At that time i lacked ICQ and now i have it. So respective clansmen of that particular clan you can contact me on ICQ @ 46724497. Or email Ralphskin@aol.com



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17th Aug 1999, 08:06 PM
That server was the NR clan server, btw if you want to play standoff on our "home-built" maps come join us thursday from 9pm GMT at or check this page http://members.tripod.lycos.nl/NRINF to know when the server is open (check training schedule). C u all,